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The Village Teacher – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 10]

The Village Teacher

The Village Teacher

When I was just about to alight from the bus, I was welcomed with a smile from a young woman. I took the smile as a sign of bad luck because of the colour of her teeth. She requested to help me carry my luggage but I rejected her offer. She insisted and I finally agreed to her offer.

I introduced myself to her as a teacher posted to serve in their community. She smiled a second time, and I gave a fake smile back because her smiles bored me. She called some kids to help carry my luggage to the chief’s house. At the chief’s palace, the chief introduced his wives and children to me. He had three wives and seven children of which two were males and the rest, females. The eldest among the children was a lady with an age of about twenty (20) years.

Although the chief mentioned the names of all the children, my mind picked only one name, and that was the name of the eldest child, Abiba. I was shocked to have been told that the lady who welcomed me at the station was the third and most loved wife of the chief. I was given a room at the palace. The chief ordered for my items to be sent to my room

I moved into my room and relaxed on my single-sized mattress because my journey was a tiresome one. As I lay on my mattress and was laying curses on GES for posting me to such a deprived community, I heard a knock on my door

I responded to the knock. It was Abiba, with a big bowl of TZ and soup. She said that was my welcome meal. I asked her to put the food on the floor and promised her I would eat the after taking some rest. She told me to feel at home and always call on her when I was in need of anything. I thanked her, but in my mind I was like, “can you provide all my needs?”

She left my room and I faced my first meal at the village. I was just wondering how to call Abiba to come back for the bowls when I heard a knock again. Guess what, it was Abiba again. She told me she had put a bucket of water in the bathroom for me to bath. I asked her to pick the bowls out of my room, and promised her I would bath very soon.

I took my bathing apparatus and tried to move to the bathroom. On seeing the population in the compound, the “shy-boy” in me pushed me back into my room. On a second thought, I moved out to the bathroom with confidence because there was no way I could dodge the bathing. From the bathroom back to my room, all eyes were on me like 2Pac. With a nervous smile on my face, I walked straight into my room without looking into the eyes of anyone.

As my room was responding to the darkness of the weather, there came Abiba, with a kerosene lamp. I took the lamp and wondered why it was always Abiba who rendered all the domestic services I needed. Was she chosen by the chief to do that or she was doing that voluntarily? I wondered.


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