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The Villa – Episode 17

The Villa

The Villa


She placed an ice on my JT and sU-Cked it till it became hot, she bit the cap, rolled her tongue around it, tried sU-Cking up the whole length, she choked on it.

She asked for my CD, I couldn’t even speak, I only pointed to my trouser, she brought out the CD, placed it where it belong and then saddled me and then the journey began.

Well, Yemi was not a Kogite, but she was a N.ympho, S£x is her life, infact she was a warrior. S£x with her was food and life. Well she bleeped me till I lost my senses, but I wasn’t going to be defeated this time, she pushed me to the limit, but my dodgedness paid off.

After the whole scenario, she applauded me and told me TJ never made I feel like I just did. She complained that he lacks pre-intimacy and romance saying the only advantage he has was is long diicck. She served my food, we ate together in our Adam and Eve mode, I took some food from her mouth and we did so many rubbish.

When I was about leaving, she gave me #5000, I rejected it at first, but she insisted that has a student I would need it, as a sharp guy na, I gats collect cause omo boy was even broke during that period. If as I reject am she just wan try keep the money for her bag back, I for grab both her hand and the bag together. In my mind I was like so this is what TJ has been collecting and the mumu guy is now running, me I will die here, the lord will give me this mountain.

I got to the lodge and gave details to my guys, I had already bought soup things on my way, I told them it was courtsey of the money she gave me.

Acme: Tj so na so you dey collect money, you no come dey let us know

TJ: which money, make una free me joor

Kzee: no be money tee bring come back now?

TJ: na him know where and why she give him

Acme: TJ this one wey you dey answer angrilly, you sure say no be jealousy be that

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TJ: why I go jealous? No be the girl wey I don over straff she be

Abbey: TJ, if the girl no dey give you money that means say you no dey do her well

Me: haaaa, no oooo, the lady even tell me say the long thing wey TJ carry she dey always enjoying am

TJ: your father

Acme: TJ Alonge, the Longest
We all laughed, but the look on TJ’s face was not smilling, it was written all over that he wasn’t happy with the gist I just brought or maybe it was the money. While still discussing Yemi called and I placed her on speaker when she was telling me how she wants me to come back to her that night, I told her she will only see me the following weekend due to exams, she siad she can’t wait till weekend that she would come meet me at home during the week. I told her I was going to stay in school and come back by weekend.

Halima’s case was turning to be another blockbuster as news got around that she was already making out with Flo.

Halima shocked everyone when the news of her escapades got to the lodge. If it was with Flo alone it would have been OK, but she took her goods beyond the market and got lost. The building opposite our lodge was owned by a family with two young boys both studying at the uni. Halima not only had an affair with one but both of them it became a big fight among the brothers when they both found out.

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Flo gave us the details of his escapades with halima, he said her p—y was so tight and thick, he said he Mouth Action was terrible that she just turned his J0yst!ck chewing stick and left her teeth marks on it. As painful has it was he couldn’t complain, he just maintained and form enjoyment. He said when it was time to enter the promise land she told him to go raw which he declined, but she insisted that she’s not game if its not raw. As konji don hold my man he just gave in to her request. He continued “i took her lips, sU-Cked it, used my left hand to cup her b0s0m, she released a soft m0an, that gave me the motivation i needed, i left her lips and then concentrated on her firm b0s0m i took control of both, sU-Cking the right one and teasing the tip of the other, i paused and checked her face her eyes were tightly shut so i continued ministering to the b0s0m. I bit the Tips, sU-Cked the b0s0m hungrily and fiercely, her m0an!ng increase and she dug her fingers into my skin the pain was much and i Also bit her Tip very hard, she m0aned aloud, i took my hands down to her butt0ckz and sq££zed it then I moved it towards her hairy p—y, she was already a river down there, I couldn’t wait anymore so I took my rock hard Hancock and placed it at the tip of her water soaked p—y, her p—y was so thight that my J0yst!ck was finding it hard to part the red sea, I was thinking she was a virgin so I took a little Vaseline, rubbed it on the tip of my Hancock and then placed it at the tip of her opening then gradually started thrusting easily, slowly but surely there was a way where there seems to be no way.

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She was in some kinda pain as my thrusting increased so I paused and went back to her b0s0m leaving my rock at her entrance, handling the b0s0m, I simultaneously kiss and t—-t into her at the same time, she gasped and finally I was in the deep. I began thrusting faster than before and she was meeting my every t—-t expertly anytime my pace drops, she moved faster and continued ,when she saw that I wasn’t that active anymore she turned me over and started ridding me in a reverse cowgirl style. She was riding me fiercely like Sharon stone in the movie basic instinct. You remember when Catherine tranmel was having the fork of the century with the detector Boaz, she did the exact style with the exception of tying my hand.

She rode me till I felt my balls tighting, I wasnt ready to end the session so I pushed her away and then turned her around and entered her from behind, the tightness of he p—y made my entrance in there very hot,and the hotness was a nice s£nsat!on I rode her crazily spanking her butt0ckz one every occasion I rammed into her, she moved her butt0ckz backwards to slam into my body and making my penetration deeper in few seconds I was close to my end and with every strength left in me I rode her mercilessly, she was screaming and I slammed her hard till I shot all my load into her.

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I left my J0yst!ck in her V as we lied on the bed cuddling, two minutes later halima was asking me for another round, well what did I have to lose so I told her if she can make me hard she will get her wish. All she did was grinding her bum on my J0yst!ck in her p—y grinding it in a circular motion and before I could say jack my useless non reasoning Hancock was upstanding again and from no where the energy came back and from that same position I was banging her again faster than I have ever done, she was screaming and then……….splash, she squirted, my bedsheets, and my body was all soaked but I dint relent I continued and she became so quiet and dumb I continued and soon she was telling me that she was tired, I told her she asked for it and am not tired yet, she la!d still till I rode to my destination and poured my akamu into her”.

Me: but guy u no dey fear oooo

Flo: fear wetin na

Me: aids and gono na

Flo: that girl never too fork like that she no it get those diseases

Acme: if you know how many of una dey kpansh her ni, you won’t say dat

Flo: henhen so we plenty

Acme: you know that mechanic for that chupet side

Me: yes

Acme: he sef dey bang her
We all shouted haaaaaaaa then Acme dropped the bombshell that he had [email protected] like five times.

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