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The Villa – Episode 16

The Villa

The Villa


I opened the kitchen door, and I saw a goddes on her birthday suit, I just stood glued to the spot with mouth wide open.

Transfixed to the spot, Yemi came close and welcome me with a deep kiss, she parted my lower lips, sU-Cked it and used her tongue to paint my lips, it was like she just had a bottle of red wine because I could smell that on her breath, I kissed her back, fondled her left boob, used my other hand to press her butt0ckz, it was soft and succulent. She paused and told me not to let her food get burnt.

She was turning the soup when I grabbed her from behind and use my finger to traced her beautifully shaven p—y and dip my finger into her honey pot, she smiled and giggled a little, I continue rolling my finger all around and inside he k—y. She paused while I continued manipulating her, I brought out my finger and brushed her cl!t, she shook, I pinched her p—y lips a little and she let out a soft m0an, she dropped the spoon she was holding and faced me lowering the intensity of the cooking gas.

She then said, it wasn’t fair to her that am dressed up, like someone remoted, I pulled up my shirt and trouser in a split seconds leaving my boxers and singlet. She then said again

“babe don’t you think you are still over dressed” wtih that I joined her in being Unclad.

By now her soup was done and she asked if I would like to be served, I told her I would prefer to eat her cleanly shaved p—y than any other meal. She giggled and asked “for real” I answered sure. I told her to lie on the tiles while I opened her frezzer and brouth out an opened bottle of red wine, slowly. I poured it all over her body and licked it up from her b0s0m to her navel, her eyes where shut and her mouth wide opened.

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I took turns to sU-Ck the b0s0m, and then the tips, using my tongue to do an oscillatory motion around the egdes of the b0s0m before bitting the t-t, then I moved my tongue down to the navel again and drew close to her p—y, the returned back to the other boob. After like three minutes of b0s0m teasing and sU-Cking I decided to have a taste of her honey well, I took my nose down there and I could percieve an onion like smell, my JT became rock hard, but her eyes were still shut.

I placed my tongue at the entrance of her p—y, then licked it up to her cl!t and the down again, she m0aned aloud this time, and told me that’s beautiful. I poured a little wine in and around the k—y, and hurriedly sU-Cked and mopped it up, she was shaking like an epileptic patient, I paused to see the movie panning out, the she opened her eyes and asked if anything was wrong, I told her to keep shut and relax. Then I poured some wine into my mouth and took it into her p—y, I let the wine get into her p—y and the I began to sU-Ck, she was rubbing my head and telling me this is the best thing that ever happened to her.

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My intentions were, since have been told she was a n.ympho, I decided to tease and romance her till she would become weak, so as not to be defeated again like FF, you know the saying that once beating twice…………. Ehnehn.

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I continued sU-Cking and then I began to tongue fkcuk her, taking my tongue in and out, her o—-m was swift and I lapped up all the water coming from her, I tongue fcukk her the more, she was screaming and speking gibberish, she raised her back from the tiles and p—y shot up the more, my tongue penetrated deeper, I decided to turn it up, and I added a finger to the tongue, I was both finger fluvking and toung bleeping her at the same time, within two minutes a flood gate of living spring was realed from he V and it splasher all over my face, mouth and hand, she lied down all spent and weak, I got close to her and kissed her, she looked at my face, and began to lick of all the holy water on it, her tongue where a blessing to me as it sent shivers through my nervous system.

I was lost, then she did the unimaginable
She turned me over making me to lie on my face the she began running her finger all around my back to my butt0ckz, she was going from my back to my legs, I was quiet enjoying my self till I noticed that once in a while she would part my butt0ckz rubbed it with her palm the continued, I was lost until she did the unimagineable, she dipped her finger into my anus, at first I tought it was a mistake, the she repeat it again, I jumped up an told her to stop, she told me to calm down and enjoyed the ride, that I took her to cloud 12, and that she’s gonna return the favor. Like say she just press my mumu button, I went back to my position.

She dipped her finger into my anus, rolled it around, brought it out, dipped it again, then like someone fulcking a p—y, she started finger banging my butt0ckz. I must confess it was a very wonderful feeling, then she finally surprised me.

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She took her tongue and squezzed it into a single file and dipped it into my anus, chai, it felt like what I have never felt before, till date I can’t describe the feeling, that was the greatest Sekxual feeling have ever had.

I urged her on telling her am feeling her, she spit into my anus and then licked it with her tongue, seriously, I was seeing my grandfather who died the same month I was born, he was telling me how I did not meet him on earth and he wasn’t expecting us to meet so soon in the otherside.

I was brought back to life when she poured the remainig wine on my back, the coldness of the wine added to the tiles made the little tip on my chest harderned, I felt goose bumbs all over my body and she continued licking every part of me.

She turned me over, making me to lie on my back. She stood up went to her refridgerator and brought out some ice cubes, I looked up and all I could do was smile. In my mind I was like *na wetin them call you na hin you be * she placed the cube on my fore head the traced it down to my b0s0ms, rolled it over both b0s0ms then back to my face, the water from the ice were making me cold and hard at the same time, the she placed an ice on my JT and then I shouted bood of Chisos.

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