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The Villa – Episode 15

The Villa

The Villa


TJ caught a big fish, I mean the biggest fish, a tall beautiful always on suit lady. She was about 5ft 6inches tall, works ina new generation bank and she uses a sophisticated phone has at then.

Yemi was very goodlooking and a dream of most guys, but on bed she was something else. To be sincere, without minscing word, Yemi was a love-addict. The day she came we all couldn’t help but admire her and give kudos to TJ, she was very friendly and mature. She request for our numbers and we all gave her in TJ’s presence.

TJ narrated to us that S£x with her was the next best thing and due to the fact that she lived alone in a two bedroom flat at Adewole he do sleep over and spend some days with her.

TJ said the moment she’s back from work, the S£x sessions starts, they could have like three rounds before midnight, then at midnight maybe another one or two and another one before going out in the morning.

Two weeks into the relationship, TJ started avoinding her, and somtimes refuse to pick her calls, who would blame the young man, he was getting slimmer has the day goes, and if he wanted to return home safely, running was his best option.

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Yemi started calling us all to complain about TJ, later she invited Acme over to her place to which he declined. She came to the lodge one friday evening, and met me and Abbey at home.
Immediately she entered, Abbe quickly rushed out and place a call to TJ about her coming, I was with her chatting and trying not to show that I was captivated with her beauty when she just moved closer and placed her palms on my laps very close to my scrotch. In my mind I was like hope say this love-addict no dey try pass message to me oooo. I just contined in the discussion like it was nothing not until she made sure her hand get to where it was suppose to, my dicck.

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I looked at her sternly and stood up to change position, she held me by the waist and told me to just grow up and stop doing as if I don’t understand the message she’s been passing, she held me very close and due to her height, did I metion I am 5ft10? She was standing and marching me eyes for eyes, mouth for mouth and so our mouth mistakenly met, we kissed furiously for two minutes and it was Abbey movement close to the door that stopped us.
We prentended has if nothing happened but Abbey the sharp guy understood and just stayed for about a minute before excusing us. When Abbey left, Yemi grabbed me and told me that she need me inside her right away, that she had been longing for me since the first day she saw me. *me ke, shey na fine I fine ni abi my thing reach TJ own, abeg I no wan fall victim again oooo FF own don do me na Kzee be master in the act oooo*

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I told her I won’t mind given her what she wants but it can’t be here, anyone could just walk in even TJ. She said I should follow her to her place then, I told her I can’t cause I have some assignments to cover that I will visit her tomorrow.

She dopped her address and I escorted her till she got a bus, suprisingly, she planted a kiss on my lips on the street before entering the bus.
When everyone came back I narrated my ordeal to them and everyone said I should take up the challenge. Acme said he had rejected her once but he will also place a call to her to kick start the movie again. TJ promised us all hell, and that he was sure we won’t go to her place again afterthe first encounter.

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We all yabbed him, that his problem was that he couldn’t satisfy her and that was why she was looking for alternative, I told him that is thing is just long for nothing.

The following day was saturday, so after watching Manchester united’s match I headed for adewole, having used agbo jedi, aale, aafato and power horse.I got to her gate and called her.

Soon the gateman opened the gate and directed me to her apartment. When I got to the door and knocked, she answered for inside that the door was open. The room was well furnished painted in three bright colours of orange, green and brown, the rug was orange and cushions were green. I looked around and I couldn’t find her.

I called out her name and she said I should come in through the door close to the dinning that she was cooking.

I opened the kitchen door, and I saw a goddes with on her birthday suit, I just stood glued to the spot with mouth wide open.

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