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The Villa – Episode 14

The Villa

The Villa


Me: oga oya continue na

Abbey: what did she now do ooo

Kzee: you guys ehhnnn, una to like gist, see has you p—k don dey hard, shebi you say the woman dey stink?

Me: na you sabi that one ooo just give us all the details

Kzee: I got to the bed and she told me to give her a minute. She got to her wardrobe and brought out some instruments, you know those S£x instruments we usually see in oyinbo films, exactly what she brought. She used one of her scarf to tie my hand to the bed, both hands separately like when chisos was crucified, well I watched on is astonishment until she took another set of scarfs and tied my legs, she saw the shock on my face, she just smiled seductively and told me to relax and enjoy the ride.

She came on me with her b0s0m dangling on my face, I tried to get my mouth to her b0s0m but she moved away, and I try again to move with her. Soon I got to find out she was only teasing me with the b0s0m, and since I couldn’t get to them, I surrendered. When she saw that I wasn’t trying anymore, she brought the b0s0m to my mouth, and I sU-Cked hungrily.

She later took them away from me and then brought out a goya oil and sprinkle it on my body and then licked it up with her tongue. Omo at this point, I was communicating with my dead grandfather, he was telling me that am on the same path he met his death, I told him I wasn’t a b—–d that am living his legacies.

I got back to my sensed when she got to my JT.

She smiled at me and said I hope you are enjoying yourself, I only nodded in response. She took my JT, starred at it for some minutes, when to her drawer and brought out a condom, she placed it well on my jT and slid it into her wet punnany.

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To my suprise, this lady was still tight, it took time before my JT could get its whole lenght into her, when it got in she chuckeld and said you are very long oooo. I smiled within me.

She began ridding and grinding she started slowly and then increased the pace, her face was expressionless and I couldn’t read what she was feeling, but as for me I was feeling good, the only problem was that her weight was killing me.

Her weight was killing, but like they say no pain no gain, within minutes she increased her tempo jumping up and down, then twisting her waist at intervals, she was fcuking me hard and at the same time squeezzing her tips, I lifted my head and saw lips of her snail, it was reddish and on fire. Soon she started confessing, ”Kzee, its touching my stomach, its gonna come out from my throat, am feeling you, ahhhhhhhh, yeeeeeeee, ooohhuuuuccchhhh, my tummy is tumbling ” by now I was marching her t—-t for t—-t, and her trust became so irregular, then I felt somthing hot drop on my laps, I realised she just came, so I upped the ante and became faster, thrusting and pumping her, hitting the depth of her p—y trying to scatter her intestine, I was digging from one coner to the other, jerking her all around, I could now feel my muscles contracting, then with the last strength left in me I dug in her so hard, she was shouting and telling me to slow down, I pretend not to hear so as not to stop my c—-x I continued harder and before I could get there, she got there before me again, and then I arrived.

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She stood up and told me that was hot, I told her that was for her, that it was time for me to take control. She begged me that she was tired but I refused telling her I can’t just be used, so she asked for some minutes to rest. I took a sachet of water and drank, she also did likewise and we both lied on the bed, she removed my CD and the said she has no more CD, that I would need to go get one.

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I knew she was lying and was just looking for a way to discharge me so I pretended not to hear.

After like 5 minutes of talking dirty and flirting I opened her drawer and brought out the CD, she just shook her head and said bad boy.

I inserted the CD and told her she must follow my command, I told her that for a lady with a large and big bum like her, it is best to penetrate from behind. She turned her big butt0ckz at me,bending on her fours and I just rubbed the butt0ckz and try measuring the size, I divided the butt, and place my JT inside her red wet hole, the butt was so big that I couldn’t find my JT again, so I widen the butt0ckz and pounded her from behind
Passshhhh, passshhhhh, pooooppp, pppoooppp, I fired on then I increased the pace, kpa, kpa, kpa, kpa I fired on, I noticed my J0yst!ck was touching something from within and she was holding her stomach, telling me I should take it easy on her, I asked her if it was paining her and if I should stop? She said no that it was sweet-paining her and that I should continue, I continued faster and my J0yst!ck disapperaed in her p—y only my balls were visible hitting the back of her butt0ckz.

While throbbing, she realesed again. I was getting tired of the position, so I changed to that position polithiefcian showed us in the bush, I raise he legs up close to my shoulder and her snail became raised and above the bed level which made penetration easy. At first her legs were heavy but as I entered the gates of hell, they became lighter, I continued banging her in slow motion counting my t—-t and breaking at intervals, she was in cloud nine, she began confessing, haaa Kzee, you are the best, I love you, please go faster.

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I didn’t listen, I continued in my calculated t—-t and whenever I stopped, she jerked up to meet my JT.

I was getting weak, so I decide to let this end quickly, so I increased my pace and fcuked her silly, but alas, the punnany got dried up, she told me to please stop, I stood up, took the goya oil she used earlie, rubbed it at the entrace of her now wide and red as blood punnany and dipped a little inside the p—y, then I entered again.

I told her not to worry that this won’t be long.
We did that for like 3 more minutes befor I finally came, by now I was exhausted. While on the bed, she looked at me in the face and said its been long have been fcuked like this.

A lot of men here don’t understand how to fcuk a woman, the just lie down on you and in 3 minutes they are up, it was only David’s dad that fcuked me this good before, I really missed him, but I don’t think I will be missing him again now tah you are here. Let me prepare tea for you to drink to replenish your energy, I didn’t even say a word, I just watched her big bumbum leaving the bed and in my mind I was like, is it true that I [email protected] big thing? I said to myself, Kzee, you are a motherfcuker.

Me: hmmmmm, oga so you do reach this one

Kzee: the worst was that, you know I wanted to go out with Halima that day

Me: yes

Kzee, she had called my line and it was ringing inside the room

Me: yes I told her you went to buy something at Chupet

Kzee: well she suspected me and ask if I was with mama david

Me: what did you now tell her

Kzee: you won’t believe she saw me disposing my used CD

Me: haaaaaaaaaaaaa

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