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The Unseen World – Season 1 – Episode 9

” I have a confession to make ” he said to them as he sat down beside Joy on the bed. ” Yeah, let resolve everything now ” his dad said. ” yeah Bro please bring us into the light” Eunice added, with that Gabriel started the narration of his story.

Nath for short or Nathaniel for full happen to be a very notorious and smart criminal, he also has the ability and intelligence of a spy, he happen to be a graduate of science lab technology but due to our Nigerian Economy, he wasn’t able to get a job and thus became desperate and then joined the league of the notorious Benin city criminals who worked for the unknown boss. He also happen to be one of the boys of John and works for the unknown boss known to only John. Cand on the other hand isn’t as young as Nath but he is also a young guy who also work under a boss only John their captain knows, his real name was Chinonso. They had been assigned to watch over Francis, they are to watch over all his movement, everything he does, literally they are to watch over their recorder and get it back. Their guide was that the recorder has a signature at the back, the boss’s signature. ” So this is the house” Nath said to Cand as they pulled over in front of a brown gate, Francis gate. ” Yes, so what do we do now?” Cand asked him staring at the gate. ” Let go say hi to our friend ” Nath replied him as he alighted from the car, Cand followed suit. They knocked at the gate for about 5 minutes before it was answered by Francis. ” yes, Good evening, what can I do for you?” Francis asked them. ” Am Nath, and here with me is my colleague and friend, Cand ” Nath introduced themselves in a calm and friendly voice. ” okay, how can I help you?” Francis asked again. ” We are from the state police force, and we are here to finalize some investigations which had been going on for some time now ” Cand said showing him an ID card, a fake ID card that was made for them by their police friends. ” But some guys came to take my fingerprints some days ago ” Francis said, ” Yeah that is right but we later found out that the crime was committed using artificial finger prints”Nath quickly interrupted. ” So if you will let us in, we will like to search your house ” Cand added bringing out a paper from his pocket, ” This is the warrant to search your house” he added showing the paper to Francis who didn’t bother going through it. ” OK come in” Francis said as he opened the gate wide for them to enter. The first thing that caught Nath’s attention on entering Francis sitting room was the neatly arranged bags on one side of the room, he turned to Francis Immediately. ” Why all this boxes here?” He asked him. ” I had planned on travelling in five days time” He replied calmly. ” If you don’t mind, we will like to search it ” They said to him again while he nodded and almost immediately Cand and Nath went to work as they started from the big boxes until they finally landed on the small briefcase, it was brown in colour and portable. Nath opened it and as it was meant to be, he saw the recorder in it, he was able to recognize it by the signature at the back, the reference signature John had showed them, the boss signature. He didn’t react as he only nodded to Cand and stood up and then they went to search other part of the house, they were actually looking for nothing. ” We are sorry sir for the inconvenience, we are only doing our job” Nath told him as they came back to the sitting room where Francis was standing. ” No problem, am actually a law abiding citizen ” Francis replied shaking hands with them. ” so where are you travelling to sir?” Nath asked smiling. ” Hmm, am actually travelling to Akwa ibom, my family lives there” he replied although he had no family. ” That will be a long Journey considering the bad road” cand said. ” I don’t plan going through land, through air ” Francis told them while they nodded. They talked for a little while, Francis even entertained them, imagine entertaining his death activators. ” So now, in five days time, we are to meet him at the local airport ” Nath said to Cand as they got back to the car. ” His ancestors will be happy to see him in hell ” Cand replied smiling. A little thing about Cand was that he had no mercy, he derive fun killing people, he had a small knife which he uses in doing this, that why as he talked to Nath, he brought out the knife from his shoe and rubbed it on his own cheeks smiling. ” Hell is calling Francis, you are my number 50 victim” he said again laughing. Cand also happens to be a graduate of fishery in the university of Lagos, but like Nath, the economy also made him join the league of the bad boys.

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On getting home that day, young Carl took out his small travelling bag and arranged some cloths neatly in it, he was to go to Benin the next day. ” Carl, you haven’t still told me why you are packing ” Kemi said to him. Kemi was the girl he was with now but unlike other girl she wasn’t cheap. She only visited him on weekend and doesn’t allow him do anything silly with her. ” Am going to Benin tomorrow for an assignment ” he replied her. ” And you didn’t tell me earlier?” She asked frowning her face. ” but you know now”he said as he closed his bag and dropped it in a corner of his room. ” But you should have…” She was saying when Carl placed his hands on her lips, he drew his lips closer to hers’ and soon they were kissing. He tried going further as he wanted to take off her cloth but Kemi regained herself immediately and pushed him away. ” No, I am not doing this ” she said, ” why?” Carl asked her. ” It isn’t the right time, wait till we get married” she replied him sitting on the bed. ” I think she isn’t the right girl, who told you am ready to get married?” Carl said to himself smiling, who knows what will happen next? He will break up with her and move to another lady, to him use and dump is the perfect way of life.

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” But guys like seriously, I didn’t do it, I didn’t inject Charles with that virus ” Gabriel said as tears fell off his eyes. ” Gabriel so you kept all from us?” Eunice asked staring at her brother. ” Am really sorry ” Gabriel said again.” its okay my son, there will be a way out ” his mom said patting his back, they were still in the hospital ward. Joshua, Cynthia and Desmond didn’t say anything, they were short of words. ” Hmm, so pathetic son but what about the CCTV cameras in the lab?” Dr Jason asked facing Gabriel. ” what do you expect dad, we destroyed it so that it won’t be used as evidence against me ” Gabriel replied. ” You are a fool ” Dr Jason suddenly said staring more intensely at Gabriel. ” If you actually destroyed the CCTV yourself means that those that have planted that thing that night weren’t aware that there were CCTV cameras in the lab and surely it might have caught them when they were exchanging that syringe, you only made matter worst by destroying it” Dr Jason said in anger as Gabriel adjusted his glasses. ” That isn’t all, how did they know you were preparing something for Charles before they exchanged it?” Dr Jason asked again while Gabriel adjusted his glasses again, he had really been a big fool.

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