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The Unseen World – Season 1 – Episode 6

Sandra Adegboye is the only child of Mr and Mrs Adegboye and for that reason she was spoilt beyond redemption. It was her attitude that brought problem between herself and Gabriel during their secondary school days but thank God, now she is a changed person. She stays in Edo state with her parents, initially they use to reside in Ogun state, but everything changed when her father was sent to manage the branch of Dr Jason Hugine lab in Edo state. She isn’t married nor engaged as she dismiss all those as waste of , she do help her dad in the lab work since she is also a science student. ” Hy dad ” she greeted as she walked into the sitting room from her room, she is putting on a white bomshort and a white single. ” my damsel, how are you doing? You are looking so beautiful this evening o.” He said to her smiling as she came to sit beside him. ” I hope there isn’t any problem?” He asked again when he saw the facial expression on her. ” Dad, I need some money” she said. ” is that why you are looking like that? How much do you need?” He asked smiling. ” Up to 500 thousand naira dad ” she said while her dad smiled. ” I will give you a million naira” he said while Sandra hugged her happily.

” It has been five years now, and yet we haven’t been able to get the guy who took our recorder that night ” a well built man said across to some other boys who were sitting round a table. ” Now the boss is angry, he thinks we have left the guy enough, the content of that video recorder is all what we need to make Gabriel comply with us ” he said but he wasn’t done. ” We aren’t waiting for any longer, we are to get that man and get back our recorder.” He continued. ” But captain, there are thousands of recorders with the same similarities, what certain feature did ours have?” A guy who was sitting among the rest asked. ” Nice question, the boss’s signature is on it ” he explained as he brought out another recorder from his pocket, ” This is the signature ” he said as he showed it to them and they nodded. ” From they lab that night, we got the finger print of two people, one belong to Gabriel, but the other I don’t know and am sure it belongs to whosoever had taken the recorder.” The well built guy said again. ” But captain, what if Gabriel himself had taken the recorder?” The guy who had asked the first question asked again. ” Nice question again, Gabriel didn’t take the recorder, because we didn’t get his fingerprint from anywhere close to the door” the captain explained again. ” Then sir, how did you know which one is Gabriel’s fingerprint and which one is not?” The same guy asked again, his name is Nath. ” yes, but why is he the only one asking reasonable question?” The well built man whose name is John shouted. ” His he the only one interested in the mission ?” He asked again. ” No captain ” the rest murmured. ” Okay Nath back to you, remember we exchange the syringe containing the solution Gabriel had made, the fingerprints we got from the original syringe that night matches the one of those we got after the deed has been done, logically, it should be for Gabriel ” John explained further while Nath nodded. ” So now captain, how do we intend to get this unknown man with his fingerprints?” Another person asked this time. ” That is what I am thinking about, your ideas are all welcomed.” John said with his eyes moving from left to right but it seems none of them got ideas. ” Before tomorrow, there should be ideas” he finally said and left the room.

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“Yes, young Carl, I sent for you. ”
Detective Akpan said to a middle age man who was just entering his office. ” Okay, here I am sir.” Young Carl said to him as he stood with his arms across his back. ” I want you to go to our base in Benin city, there is this briefcase containing some documents of a case which had been buried a long time ago , the case wants to be re opened, go get the briefcase.” Akpan said to him while young Carl nodded. ” You are to leave next week. ” Akpan said again and young Carl nodded again and finally went out. Akpan turned his chair around and continued to write something on a paper.

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” This is the plan, we will need help from our police friends for this plan. Since we need only the fingerprints of this unknown man, we would send people to take the fingerprints of the people of Benin city, it is not a difficult thing to do, we would send people to different landmarks in Benin city, with this way, it will be very easy thing as a group , you are to take the thumbprint of everyone in Benin city.
Some of our police friends will help us make the people comply.” John said the next day to his boys who were listening attentively. ” OK boss ” they replied. later that day, they were all provided with the thump printing machine, to get the thumb print of the unknown man who stole the recorder that night.

Gabriel sat in his small bar, he was drinking alcohol again but this time there was no Joy to stop him. He drank from glass to glass. Soon he could see his phone ringing, the caller id displayed Joy, he quickly rubbed his eyes and picked the call. ” Joy, am really sorry, please I can explain” he quickly said as he picked the call but the voice wasn’t that of Joy. ” Hello , sorry sir, the owner of this phone was involved in a ghastly motor accident. Please come to UBTH Benin city. ” the caller said and Gabriel dropped the phone immediately as he took his keys which was on his table. It was late in the night, around 11:20pm , he came out and opened the gate himself since his gateman was sleeping, he drove out with high speed and even forgot to lock the gate, he sped along the free road of Benin city, he didn’t mind the potholes as he sped along, at times his car would make loud bang with the floor but he didn’t care, he drove on until he was in the hospital. He jumped down from the car and ran into the hospital. ” What happened?” He asked as he ran into the hospital, he was obviously drunk and could be seen staggering as he walked up to the nurses. ” Sir calm down, who are you?” One of the nurses asked him. ” Am joy’s fiance ” he said as he held the nurse cloth to prevent him from falling. ” Calm down sir, we don’t make noise in the hospital ” she said ” Shut up, my fiance is here and you are telling me to calm down, how is she?” He shouted again, just then the doctor came out of his office. ” What is it young man?”

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The doctor asked as he came out, Gabriel left the nurse’s cloth and held that of the doctor. ” How is my fiance Joy?” He asked again shouting at the top of his voice. ” Calm down ” The doctor said as he drew Gabriel to his office. ” She is suffering from temporary memory loss, the accident affected her brain ” the doctor said while Gabriel smiled at first ” What did you say?” Gabriel asked still smiling. ” She is suffering from temporary memory loss ” the doctor said again while Gabriel bent down slowly as he sat on the floor.

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