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The Unseen World – Season 1 – Episode 4

Joy stop crying, everything will be fine, I will talk to my son ” Mrs Hugine said as she continued to stroke joy’s hair, Joy slept off on her laps. ” honey what in God’s name is wrong with your son? ” Mrs Hugine asked her husband, ” Hmm, i don’t know what is wrong with him, he never behaves like this ” Dr Jason replied her. ” Don’t worry, I know my son, he will come out of this. ” Dr Jason assured his wife who was still patting her daughter in-law to be.

Gabriel was in his sitting room reading a magazine, actually he wasn’t concentrating on the magazine. At a point he dropped the magazine and brought out a piece of paper and a pen, he scrabbled down something on it and then his mind drifted back to that night again. ” why on earth did I even allow Francis into my lab?” He asked himself as he scrabbled another thing. ” hmm who can tell if if he isn’t the one that changed the injection. No he can’t be the one, he doesn’t know my lab.” He thought then suddenly his eyes opened wide ” Then how on earth did he know my house? Because I remember vividly that I slept off before we got hone. Or maybe he used the address I gave him before sleeping, No it can’t be, he doesn’t know anywhere in Benin city ” he said as he picked up his phone to put a call to Francis but he quickly ended it some minutes later. ” maybe he asked people ” he concluded. He then stood up from the couch and went to have his bath, he came back some minutes later just to discover that he had three missed calls, it was his good friend, Sandra. He called back immediately. ” Hello Sandra, you remember me today?” He started. ” Gabi, how are you doing now? Sorry you know am a busy girl. ” she said to him smiling, ” Busy doing what? Who isn’t busy ?” He asked while Sandra smiled. ” Okay at least have called you now, how is Joy?” She asked. ” Joy is doing great ” Gabi replied. ” Give her the phone, let me greet her” Sandra requested. ” She isn’t at home, she went to see my parents.”
Gabriel replied her and they continued talking.
Gabriel, Charles, Joy, Sandra, and Akpan have been friends ever since their secondary school days, although Sandra once wanted Gabriel for herself and had used her father’s influence to get some of the school teachers to her side but has God will have it, her father turned out to be an employee of Gabriel’s father and nemesis caught up with her but that was then, now Sandra and Joy are very tight friends, Sandra lives in Edo while Joy in Benin city.
Charles and Gabriel happen to be the best of friends one could imagine but that was until the incident. Akpan on his own side lives in Akwa ibom and thus had not seen his friends ever since they finished university but not withstanding he do communicate with them on phone. Francis on his own side isn’t part of them, Gabriel had met him during his Nysc program and since then they had been good friends. Although Francis initially use to live in Lagos state but now he had relocated to Benin city, that was after the Charles incidence.

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He dropped the call as he jumped into his bed thinking, ” Where did Francis get the video recorder from? Of course no where else but his lab. Then who would have kept the video recorder in his lab?” He asked himself, that was the question he couldn’t answer.

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He went into the kitchen to get something for himself to eat, he hadn’t eaten since morning. To his surprise joy had already prepared food for him before she left. ” Oh, I wish this didn’t happen, am sorry Joy ” he said to himself again and dished for himself, it was now 10:00 pm. He ate , locked his doors and windows and then went to bed . He was just dozing off when his phone rang, it was his fiance Joy. ” Gabriel ” she called calmly as he picked the phone. ” How are you dear?” He asked. ”
Don’t dear me, Gabriel so you don’t care about my whereabout? ” she asked calmly again. ” You should have told me where you were heading to, you always did. ” He replied calmly also. ” okay, just wanted to wish you goodnight and maybe at least hear your voice. ” she said and put an end to the call. Not long after dropping the call, another call came in, it was from his immediate elder sister Eunice. ” Hey Eunice how are you doing?” He asked happily, ” Gabi, just shut up that your mouth. ” she shouted over the phone. ” Hey what is it sis?” He asked again but he already knew what it was all about, his parents might have called her. ” Don’t pretend like you don’t know, what secret are you keeping from Joy?” She suddenly asked. ” Me? Am keeping no….” He tried saying but he was interrupted by her . ” Just shut up, if you don’t tell her and reconcile with her, then forget you ever had a sister ” she said and ended the call.
Gabriel slowly dropped the phone and kept the phone on the bed, Eunice happen to be his favorite of all his siblings, it isn’t wrong if you term them partners in crime, they had always done things together when they were young.
Gabriel knew Eunice didn’t make empty threat, she meant all she said, it was high time he let joy know about what he had been hiding.
Joy came back the following day, she was looking more better , certainly her in-law has told her what to do. ” Welcome back dear ” Gabriel told her as he was just coming from the bathroom. ” Thanks ” she simply replied and fell into the bed. ” if you don’t mind, can you follow me somewhere?’ He asked while joy quickly sat up, she so much love going out with him. ” Where?” She asked. ” I wanna go see Charles ” he told her again with a shaking voice, at this point Joy was confused. ” Which Charles?” She asked him ” Charles, my friend, the one said to be mad” he replied her. ” I wanna go see how he is doing ” he told her again while she nodded and quickly changed into another cloth, not long afterwards they were on the road to the Info’s lab in the centre of Benin city.

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Gabi parked his car in a corner of the Benin city Major road, joy was with him in the car, they were just coming back from the lab, Charles wasn’t getting any better, the scientists there said they are trying their best but all to no avail, at he point, Charles had screamed and struggled in the Cylinder, this brought tears from Gabi eyes. He thought it was high time he told her about what was bothering him. ” Why did you park? Let’s go home, am hungry ” joy said to him while Gabi just smile. ” Joy please believe me anything I tell you now ” Gabriel started, staring at Joy, ” What is it?” She asked him looking scared. ” You see …” He was interrupted by his ringing phone, he hissed and made to continue what he was saying because the caller was Francis. ” Pick the call first ” Joy said also staring at the phone. ” Just leave that.” Gabriel said . ” No, I insist, pick the call” she said again. ” And I say we should leave it, I will pick later.” He said but Joy didn’t listen to him, she never listens to him, she went ahead and picked the phone, she even switched it to loud Speaker. ” Hello professor Gabriel, I was just thinking earlier, and I just realized I can’t wait for three weeks before you hand joy over to me , I give you just one and half week for you to transfer your fiance to me as my wife, I cant wait to build a family you know” he said and put and end to the call. Joy left her mouth wide open as she heard what Francis said, she immediately opened the door of the car and ran out, Gabriel followed her.
To be sincere, Joy herself is too forward and disobedient, he said you shouldn’t pick it and you did, then be ready to face the consequences.

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