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The Unseen World – Season 1 – Episode 18 [Completed]

Final Episode

Gabriel stood up immediately and first put a
call to the police, he then ran to the front door
and locked it. He didn’t want to wake up
anyone , no member of his family would die in
this again. He walked silently to the kitchen,
he took a small kitchen knife and went out
through the backdoor. He was still walking
towards the front door when he heard
gunshots, he was sure it wasn’t for any
member of his family, the gunshots was heard
outside. He tiptoed towards the front door and
popped his head out a little, he saw another
guy in black standing, the rest were dead. ”
come out, I can see you ” the guy in black said
as he turned his head towards Gabriel
direction, Gabriel came out gently. He wasn’t
afraid, he was holding his knife and facing the
man holding the gun. ” What do you want?”
Gabriel asked him as he took a step closer to
the man. ” I like your courage Gabriel, but do
you know I can just kill you if I want in no
time? So just stay back” the young man said
to him. ” I am Nath, and I came to save you,
dont ask about me or look for me, even if you
might see me again, i might be dead by then ”
Nath said and immediately ran towards the
fence and jumped over. Gabriel stood at the
same spot looking at the three dead men ,
many things were going on in his mind. “Who
is this Nath?” He was thinking. Gabriel quickly
ran back towards the back door and entered
into the house, his family members were in the
sitting room praying. ” Gabriel, where were
you?” His mom asked as she ran to hug him,
he didn’t answer her question, he went towards
the door and opened it, they were all shocked
to see the dead bodies. ” I heard gunshots
and I ran out to see what it was but I meant
this ” Gabriel said, just then the police arrived.

” You guys came just on time, we heard
gunshots and on coming out, we met these
bodies” Dr Jason explained to the head of the
police men. ” Hmmm, this isn’t funny” The
police man said as he checked the bodies and
brought out dangerous weapons from them. ”
We will handle the case ” the police man said
again as he ordered his boys to pack the dead
bodies away.

It was now two weeks after the incidence, the
burial of Desmond and Joy’s parent were to
hold three weeks from now. Dr Jason and
Gabriel have been busy in the lab preparing
solution to Charles problem and Charles was
responding, all thanks to Dr Jason. Nath have
been under hiding, his gangs were now
searching for him to kill him, he is a betrayal.

Earlier that week, Gabriel have gotten a call
from Akpan to come over to Akwa ibom so as
to start investigating the case. Gabriel decided
that he was going to go with Charles and Joy,
he wanted his trip to be fun. He set out on a
Friday with his fiance and Charles, he was very
cautious not to expose Charles to any
unfavourable weather. They arrived Akwa ibom
that evening and Akpan was there to welcome
them, he hugged his old time friends, he was
also surprised to see Charles already doing
well although Charles do misbehaves at times.

It was on the second night of their arrival that
they set to work, Akpan showed him the
recorder and played the video over and over
again to see any evidence of foul play but got
nothing. Just then Gabriel eyes caught the
signature at the back of the recorder, he held
the recorder and turned to Akpan. ” I think I
have seen this signature somewhere ” he said
to Akpan as he got up and ran to Akpan’s
guest room where he kept his bag.

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He opened
a part of the bag and brought out the
testimonial from it, yes it was the same
signature at the bottom of the testimonial.
Under the signature was written ” principal’s
signature ” . He ran back to the rest in the
sitting room. ” Akpan, look at this ” he said as
he showed the testimonial to Akpan, he
pointed to the signature section. ” Wait, the
principal signature tallies with the one on the
recorder?” Akpan asked turning to Gabriel. ”
Ah, this is that our principal signature now, Mr
Dalson ” Joy said while the rest of them
nodded in approval. ” Now, it is clear, he
wanted to revenge ” Gabriel said as they
nodded again. ” How do we get him now?”
Charles asked but got no reply.

Charles and Gabriel decided to take a short
stroll round Akwa ibom, they wanted to see the
beauty of the city and Gabriel also wanted to
use that opportunity to check Charles
condition. They took a taxi and stopped in a
big eatery, they just wanted to spend money.

Joy didn’t come with them, she was with
iniobong at home. Akpan on his own side had
gone to work. Gabriel and Charles were about
entering the eatery when a beautiful girl walked
out, she was Kemi Coker. Charles stopped
immediately and turned to the girl, ” Kemi” he
called slowly and the girl stopped, she turned
to see who had called her. ” Charles!!!” She
shouted as she ran and jumped on him, the
hug was very tight. ” Good day” she greeted
Gabriel after she broke the hug. ” Good day
beauty” Gabriel replied, her and Charles was
still holding her hands. ” Gabi, this is that
Kemi I told you about in secondary school
now, the one I implicated” he said slowly as
tears flowed down his eyes. Gabriel walked
toward Kemi and also gave her a light hug. ”

Charles, no, dont do this” Kemi said as she
wiped his face. ” Am sorry kemi ” Charles
said. ” Oh Charles, I hold it not against you”
kemi said as tears started flowing down her
eyes too. ” Ohh, this is so emotional” Gabriel
said smiling. ” please let’s go inside ” he said
as he drew them into the eatery.

Nath was in a hotel room lying down, he was
thinking how to escape his gangs, any moment
from now, they would get him and kill him. ”

Nath, I need you to do something for me” a
voice suddenly said, Nath sprang up from the
bed immediately, he looked at the direction in
which the voice came from. He could see him
clearly, it was Desmond. Desmond was
wearing his school uniform and smiling. ”

Please dont kill me, am sorry ” Nath said
kneeling down while Desmond smiled ” No I
won’t kill you, I am just restless, expose your
captain John to my brother, please do”
Desmond said and vanished, Just then Nath
woke up, it was a dream. Nath stood up from
the bed, he was sweating . He thought about
what Desmond said, he should expose John,
how on earth his he to do that?

” Gabriel, I and my boys will be ready to go
with you to Benin city in two days time” Akpan
said to Gabriel one night, it was still on the
same case. ” okay man, thanks” Gabriel said .

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” But how are we to find them?” Gabriel asked
him confused, just then his phone rang. ” The
solution to your problem lies in the only yellow
house located in the middle of the street
opposite Kanji street ” The caller said, it was
Nath. The call ended immediately the caller
gave the information, Gabriel turned to Akpan
and told him what the caller said. ” Hmm, the
job is now much easier ” Akpan said standing
up to go to bed.

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They had returned back to Benin city, but this
time not alone. They came with Akpan and his
boys, young Carl was also among them.
Charles brought Kemi along, see how God
works? Kemi met Young Carl again and this
time it is her turn to shine. Akpan boys didn’t
waste time, they headed straight to the street
opposite Kanji street, the street was nameless.

They didn’t go in uniform so as to avoid
suspicion. They secretely surrounded the only
yellow house in that street, it was John’s
house. Like they were prepared, the boys in the
house started shooting at them, they also shot
back. They were the finest of Akwa ibom
police men so they knew how to handle the
gun well. They didn’t miss their target, they
eliminated the bad guys gradually. Young Carl
along with some guys broke into the main
house, John was in the sitting room kneeling
down, he has already surrendered. ” Just
comply with us and we won’t hurt you. Take us
to your boss” Young Carl said dragging him by
the collar. ” I can’t do that ” john said and
immediately a hot punch landed on his face. ”

If I use the vex wey I dey vex beat you ehen”
Carl said and landed him another hot punch.

Blood was already gushing out from John’s
nose. ” OK, OK, I will take you to him” he
shouted with his blood filled face. Carl drew
him out of the house and took him to their
mini bus, they then drove to the boss house
situated somewhere around oluku in Benin city.

The boss was reading newspaper in his small
garden when his gate opened and John came
in accompanied with another young man. ”

What is John doing here? I didn’t invite him”
the boss said to himself as he adjusted on his
chair. ” Good day boss” Carl greeted while
John remained quiet. ” Who are..” The boss
wanted to ask but was interrupted. “You are
under arrest boss, you have the right to remain
quiet for everything you do or say can and will
be used against you in the court of law” Carl
said as he drew the boss up roughly. ” Young
man do you know who I am?” The boss asked
Carl but a hot blow landed on the hold man’s
face, the blow made him keep quiet and
started to cry. Carl and his boys drove the van
to Gabriel’s house where all the Hugines were,
Akpan was with them so also was kemi,
Charles , and Joy. The van stopped in front of
the house and Carl dragged the criminals into
the house. ” I said it, Mr principal” Dr Jason
shouted as he they were being dragged in. ”
Oh my goodness, sir even at your old age, you
are still evil?” Joy shouted while the principal
remained silent. Gabriel on the other hand was
filled with anger that he jumped on the
principal and started dishing out blows to him,
Akpan boys had to drag him away before he
killed the now bleeding old man. ” please
forgive me ” the principal tried begging but a
slap from Joy landed on his cheeks, that was
her talent. ” Take them away, they will face the
law” Akpan told Carl who was staring at Kemi.
” wait, I want them to witness this” Charles
shouted as they all turned to him, he then knelt
with one of his knees and brought a ring from
his pocket, ” Kemi will you marry me?” He
asked while the whole room was filled with
shout of Joy and happiness, even John smiled,
Carl also smiled. ” Wow, yes I will, I will
Charles” Kemi shouted as she jumped on him,
Gabriel ran to his bar and brought out a bottle
of wine, he then popped it round the room.
Mr principal and John were to die by open fire,
that was the judgement of the court.

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soldiers have assembled, they were ready to
kill, just waiting for the commander to pass
the judgement. John and Mr principal were tied
to two poles, the principal wife and children
were there weeping. Just then Gabriel walked
into the field with Akpan, he walked straight to
the commander. ” Please, let me take part in
the killing of the principal” Gabriel said to the
commander, Akpan gave the commander a
sign to allow him take part while the
commander nodded, he dismissed one out of
the five soldiers, and then handed a gun to
Gabriel. Gabriel walked over to where the
principal wife and Children were ” Watch me
kill him” he said angrily as he spat at them. ”
Scope, ready, Fireeeeeee” The commander
shouted and immediately gunshots filled the
air, Gabriel made sure he wasted all the bullets
on the principal, he targeted mostly the head
region, whosoever taught him how to use a
gun, I dont know. The principal lifeless, body
fell down from the pole.

Nath could be seen in his hotel room, he was
lying lifeless. A knife was stuck to his head, he
killed himself.

Two months later, the iyayi hall in uniben could
be seen filled with people, the hall wasn’t even
enough for them. ” Now let’s welcome the
latest couples in town, they are going to show
us their dancing steps by dancing down the
hall” the m.c said and almost immediately
music filled the hall . Gabriel, Joy, Charles and
Kemi could be seen dancing down from the
end of the hall, Kemi and Joy were in their
wedding gown while Gabriel and charles were
in their wedding suit. ” iyawo mi, ololufe mi,
ore mi alayo mi, I will love you forever” the
speaker echoed as the couples danced down,
all the Hugines could be seen tearing the
dance floor, Dr Jason Hugine and his wife
showed their steps too. At a corner of the hall,
an invincible boy could be seen dancing alone,
It was Desmond ghost.

My next story, Gabi’s diary loading. We thank
God on the success of my second story. I
hope you learnt a lot from this own, evil does
not pay. OK, wait from next story, a purely real
life story, my diary, you know Gabriel doesn’t
dissapoint, it is always a bomb, please keep
on encouraging me guys, that is what keeps
me going. Thank you guys for the love, Seun
banks, Christian Morris, David Elizabeth ( I
forgot the last one), Succy Lamech( I hope I
got the name right), chiamaka OG , there is
one chiamaka again, and those that threatened
to kill me, I also sight those that said they
would break their phones ( Chiamaka, you dey
there o) , thanks to coolval sorry Valentine for
giving me the opportunity to write here, thank
you all, and please get prepared for the next
bomb, byeeeee. Ah Grace Robinson, the devil
almost made me forget you, e no fit work,
thanks so much

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