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The Unseen World – Season 1 – Episode 17

Nath sat on the floor, he was in an
uncompleted building, they were still waiting in
Ogun state waiting to complete their mission,
the next thing was to kill Gabriel’s parent, or
better still they could just wipe them out today,
the Hugines will surely come back home to
mourn the death of their brother, with that it
would be easy to eliminate them. ” I am not
killing any of them again” Nath said to himself
as he stood up from the floor, his boys had all
gone out to eat and some were familiarizing
themselves with their new environment. Nath
held his gun and took a loo at it, ” I just killed
that innocent boy for nothing” he said to
himself again as tears slowly fell down his
eyes. ” Nath man” one of his boys greeted,
they had started coming back. ” Am not going
with you guys this night, go and kill them
yourself, I mean the Hugines ” he said to the
boy who simply nodded, that wasn’t a hard
thing to do.

Eunice and her husband Femi were preparing to
go to Ogun state, to join in the mourning of
Desmond. Her Children were also going with
her. She wore a black jean trouser and a black
top, as a matter of fact they were all dressed
in black. Joshua wasn’t left out, he was also
going to his family house to pay homage to
the dead, he was also going with his family. In
his father house there is more than enough

Cynthia and Amanda could also be seen
dressing up, they were going to Ogun state
from Lagos state. Tears were still dropping
down Cynthia’s eyes,she still couldn’t believe
Desmond was now dead.

” Desmond why are you crying” Sonia asked
Desmond. ” First you sent an unknown Man to
tell me you love me, and now you are crying,
what games are you playing this morning?”
She asked him as she walked closer to him
but Desmond stretched his hands forward , he
signalled to her to stop moving which she did.
One thing was strange about him, he wasn’t
really looking at her. ” Sonia, I want you to do
something for me” he started, this wasn’t his
cool,calm voice, it was a thicker voice. The
voice got Sonia a bit scared. ” What is it?” She
asked him calmly. ” Go to my house after
school, help me tell my brother, Gabriel that
the solution to his problems lies in the
testimonial in my drawer” he said again while
Sonia smiled. ” Why can’t you tell him
yourself?” She asked smiling, she knew he
wanted to joke with her or compel her to come
to his house. Just then a senior student from
the art class rushed into her class, she was
crying. ” Why is everyone crying this morning?”
Sonia asked as she turned to the girl. ” Sonia,
so you haven’t heard the news?” The girl said.
” Which news?” Sonia asked. ” Desmond
Hugine Is dead” The girl said as she started
another round of crying and Sonia bursted into
laughter. ” Plan failed, Desmond is right here ”
she said as she turned to pointed at Desmond
desk but to her surprise no one was there, not
even his book nor bag. ” where did he go?”
She asked herself. ” I say Desmond is dead,
the principal was discussing it with some
teachers this morning” the girl said again but
Sonia wasn’t listening anymore, she fell down
slowly to the ground, she fainted.

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Gabriel and Joy drove all the way to Ogun
state, it was a long journey but at last they got
to Ogun state, they had started the journey
early, around 5am. They were just entering itele
when Gabriel stopped in front of Mr Green’s
college. ” Joy, do you know this place?” He
asked her as she turned her neck to see the
school compound. ” Mr Green college” she
called out slowly reading the sign board, then
slowly she closed her eyes and touched her
head, ” Mr Green’s college, wasn’t that my
secondary school?” She asked with her eyes
still closed, she was back. Gabriel parked the
car in a good spot and looked at her ” Joy,
you remember …” He was interrupted. ” Yeah
Gabriel I can remember everything now, I
remember you , everything ” she said happily
as she hugged him, suddenly she bursted into
tears. ” so you mean Desmond is dead? My
parents are also gone?” She asked as tears
dropped down her eyes, Gabriel nodded

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Sonia met herself in the sick bay, she was just
recovering. She looked around the sick bay
and then started to cry, the nurses tried to
console her. The news about Desmond death
had spread round the school and they were all
mourning him. Classes did not hold that day
because of the young man death, the most
brilliant boy in the school. School dismissed
early that day, not for anything else other than
Desmond. Students could be seen in groups
going to the Hugines compound, Sonia was
among such groups. All the Hugines were
already in the house when the people from Mr
Green’s college arrived, some were crying while
some tried not to cry. Gabriel was consoling
Cynthia and Eunice. Sonia recognized Gabriel,
she had seen him once, he had actually come
to the school once to see Desmond before
going back to Benin city, she remembered
what Desmond asked her to tell him. ” Thank
you ma” Dr Jason said to one ofthe
sympathisers as she made to go, she was part
of those that had came earlier. Gabriel
escorted her to the gate, Sonia also went out.
She stood in the middle of the compound and
wait for him to come back. ” Good afternoon
sir” she greeted him, Gabriel held her right
hand lovingly . ” How are you my dear?” he
asked her while she simply nodded as tears
started falling down her eyes. ” Stop crying
dear, it’s okay” Gabriel tried consoling her
while she nodded again. ” Desmond asked me
to tell you that, there is a testimonial in his
drawer which is the solution to your problem”
Sonia said. ” where did you see Desmond?”
Gabriel asked confused. ” I saw him in class
this morning, probably his ghost ” She said
again while Gabriel released her hands slowly,
he had heard of ghost always appearing to
their loved ones. ” who are you to him?” He
asked again, ” His girlfriend” Sonia replied
slowly as she cried the more.

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Gabriel opened Desmond drawer that night,
truly there was a testimonial in it, It was
around 12am .He switched on the light and
looked at the name on the testimonial, it was
for one ” Chidi Joseph” Gabriel didn’t even
know who that was, how was it going to help
him? Just then his eyes caught the window, he
saw some people jumping over the fence, they
were on black trousers.

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