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The Unseen World – Season 1 – Episode 16

Amanda quickly rushed towards her, she lifted
her up and took her to the bed. ” Cynthia, what
is it?” Amanda asked, from the way she spoke,
she was obviously scared. ” Something bad
has happened” Cynthia said and soon started
to cry. ” Stop crying, everything is fine, nothing
bad is happening and nothing bad will happen
” Amanda tried consoling her but Cynthia
wouldn’t listen to her, she cried on.

The police rushed to the well furnished sitting
room of Dr Jason, they were first confronted by
the sight of dead Desmond, blood could be
seen gushing out from his forehead. ” Oh my
goodness!!” One of the police men said and
removed his eyes from the direction of dead
Desmond. Dr Jason Hugine finally broke the
door and rushed to the sitting room, his wife
Helena Hugine followed him from behind. He
stopped as he beheld the sight of his dead
son, his wife couldn’t help it and she fell to the
floor. The policemen ran towards Mrs Hugine
and tried reviving her back while Dr Jason bent
down and wept on Desmond’s body, he didn’t
mind the bloodstain. ” why me?” He shouted at
the top of his voice, he was actually crying like
a child. ” God, what has he done to offend
you?” He cried on, one of the policemen came
to console him. ” Take heart sir, what really
happened?” The policeman asked him while Dr
Jason whose tears won’t allow him talk , he
spread his both hands apart to signify that he
didn’t know. ” All I heard was gunshot , they
lock is inside, I just managed to break the
door” he managed to say as he cried on. His
wife whom has been revived by the policemen
now joined in the crying, she rolled herself on
the floor, she hit her head on anything it came
in contact with. “God you should have taken
me” She shouted as she rolled on the floor,
the policemen continued to console her. ” We
are sorry for the loss sir ” one of the
policeman told Dr Hugine again.

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Gabriel phone rang, it was still late in the
night, now it around 3:00am but he still wasn’t
sleeping. The call was from his mom, he
picked up immediately. ” Mummy I know
something is wrong, mom, what happened?”
He asked. ” Yeah, Gabriel he is dead o, they
had killed him, my Desmond is gone ” His
mom cried over the phone and Gabriel sprang
up immediately. ” Mom, who is dead?” He
asked again as tears began to swell in his
eyes. ” They have killed my Desmond o,
Gabriel..” Her tears wouldn’t let her continue.
Gabriel phone fell off his hands, tears poured
from his eyes, Gabriel wept.

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” God is the giver and taker of life” Dr Jason
said, as he covered Desmond body with a
white cloth, Neighbours had already come to
sympathize with them, Mrs Helena Hugine was
still crying uncontrollably. ” Its okay ma” They
consoled her but she wouldn’t listen. The
police had gone by now and the Neighbours
kept on coming.” They had killed him for me o
” She shouted as Dr Jason took the lifeless
body of his son inside, he was trying to be a
man but tears still fell of his eyes. He dropped
Desmond body on the bed of Desmond’s
room, he then picked his phone and put a call
to Cynthia ” your brother Desmond is dead” he
said calmly to her and put an end to the call.
Cynthia dropped the phone slowly after
receiving the call, she was expecting a bad
news but it shouldn’t have been her from her
family, why Desmond? Memory of the times
they had spent together came back to her, she
remembered once when they were much
younger, she had playfully told Desmond that if
he dies, she won’t cry for him because he is
too stubborn. ” Mumu, who will first die
between the both of us ” Desmond had replied
her as he sipped his happy hour and now he is
truly dead. Hot tears flowed down her cheeks,
she cried gently, she didn’t scream. ” My
brother is dead ” She said turning to Amanda.

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” Ewoooo” Amanda shouted as she bursted
into tears, this was the same Desmond she
had seen last week when she escorted Cynthia
to her house.

Just like Cynthia and Gabriel, the news also
got to Joshua and Eunice, that morning was a
bad one for the Hugines. Joshua handled it
like a man but Eunice wouldn’t stop crying, but
thank God her husband was there to console

” my brother is dead” Gabriel told Joy, the day
was now more clear and he was preparing to
go to his family house. ” Which brother?” Joy
asked him, she couldn’t remember he had any
brother. ” His name is Desmond, my youngest
sibling” Gabriel told her, Joy also went into her
own round of crying, though she could not
remember Desmond but death wasn’t
something good. She soon went to freshen up,
she was going with Gabriel to their family

Nath stood in front of a house, the house was
opposite, Mr Green’s Academy, he wanted to
deliver Desmond’s Message to Sonia, he regret
killing the boy and he had made up his mind
not to kill any other member of the Hugines,
they had done nothing to him. He had been
standing in front of the building for sometime
now, he had even seen some students and had
asked them about Sonia but they replied she
wasn’t in school yet, “seniors dont come early
to school” others had emphasized. ” Good
morning” A young girl greeted him as she
passed his side, she was also a student of the
Academy. ” Good morning please excuse me”
he said stopping the girl. ” please I want you
to help me check if senior Sonia is in school
already” he told her while she looked at him
confused. ” I’m Sonia” she said calmly while
Nath smiled. ” Thank God, I bring message
from Desmond” He said again and Sonia
smiled also. ” He asked me to tell you that he
always loves you” Nath said to her and turned
to go immediately, Sonia tried calling him back
but he didn’t answer, he took the Bush paths
and he vanished. ” This Desmond is a funny
guy o” she said to herself as she walked to the
school compound, she was quite early today.
She entered her class and the only person
there was Desmond, he was as usual facing
his note , he was putting on his finely
decorated glasses. ” Good morning Desmond ”
she greeted smiling happily, she never knew
Desmond would come to school so early ,
Desmond looked up at her, tears were falling
from his eyes.

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