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The Unseen World – Season 1 – Episode 15

Eunice Hugine but now Eunice Alex, the second
child of the Hugines and the second girl of the
Hugines is in her early thirties, she happens to
be Gabriel favourite sibling when they were
much younger, she could also be said to be
the most courageous of all the Hugines. Once
upon a time she had gone with Gabriel to his
school to confront a teacher who had asked
Gabriel to wash the toilet. Now, Eunice is a
married young lady with a child, a girl child to
be precise, she owns a supermarket and her
husband happens to be an engineer just like
Joshua Hugine. Eunice’s daughter, Faith Alex
happens to be 9 years old and she could be
tag very smart for her age, she is in jss 1 and
happens to be the most brilliant girl in the
Junior secondary session. Her Husband
Engineer Femi Alex is the most romantic and
loving husband on earth to Eunice.

Gabriel could not sleep that night after
speaking with Akpan, he wasn’t thinking about
Akpan, there was something else bothering
him. He looked up at the time, it was 1:45am.
Joy’s head was on his chest, she was
apparently fast asleep but his eyes was wide
open. He removed Joy’s head from his chest
and sat up on the bed, he later stood up
finally and started walking round the bedroom.
” Oh lord what is this feeling I am having?” He
asked himself and before he could realise it,
tears started flowing down his eyes, he was
surprised. ” Oh God please protect the
innocent ” he prayed silently. ” Dear why are
you awake?” Joy asked him, maybe she felt her
head wasn’t on his chest anymore. ” Joy ”
Gabriel called out calmly with a teary voice, ”
Yes love” she answered him calmly. ” Go to
sleep ” Gabriel said again in the same teary
voice. ” Why are you crying?” Joy asked
ignoring his order for her to go to sleep. ” Am
just bothered by my problems ” he lied. ” Love
it isn’t permanent, it will be fine, very soon
these problems shall all be history ” she
consoled him, she wasn’t on the bed anymore
she was now standing behind him. ” By God
grace dear, now go to bed” Gabriel said as he
carried her up to the bed, he then placed her
head on his chest again but he didn’t sleep,
there was something wrong.

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Cynthia Hugine, the second to the last child of
Dr Jason Hugine and also the closest and
favourite sibling to Desmond could be seen
lying peacefully on her bed, lying beside her is
her friend Amanda who happens to be
squatting with her, suddenly Cynthia sprang up
from the bed, ” Jesusssss” she screamed, the
shout woke Amanda up. ” Cynthia what is it?”
Amanda asked her calmly, she was placing her
right hand around Cynthia’s shoulder. ” Nothing
” Cynthia replied the calmly and almost
immediately tears started to drop from her
eyes. ” Why are you crying then?” Amanda
asked again, ” I don’t know ” Cynthia replied
as more tears flowed down her eyes. ” You are
getting me scared ” Amanda said as Cynthia
got up and walked towards the window. She
looked out, the city was dark but streets lights
helped to brighten some part. ” Lord, blow any
evil wind away from us ” she prayed silently as
more tears flowed down her eyes.

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Eunice, could be seen pacing round her sitting
room, her husband was following her. ” Honey,
tell me what the problem is, what is troubling
you? ” her husband, Femi asked her. ” Dear I
don’t know ” Eunice replied and fell into her
husband arms, fresh tears also started flowing
down her cheeks. ” But why are you crying,
what is it?” Her husband asked again but
Eunice only cried the more. ” Honey, I don’t
know what is wrong with me” she said as
tears fell more from her eyes.

Joshua was working on his laptop, he was in
his sitting room, he always does that every
night, man needs to work. He suddenly
stopped working on the laptop and touched his
head, ” What sort of headache is this for Christ
sake?” He asked no one in particular. He stood
up to go get something from the fridge and
almost immediately, he fell down. ” This is a
bad omen ” he said as he tried getting up

Desmond could see them coming closer to the
door, he knew they were dangerous people. He
quickly ran to his parent’s room door and
destroyed the lock in such a way that it can’t
be opened unless the entire door was
destroyed, the reason behind this was that he
didn’t want his parent to get hurt or killed, he
loved them so much. He ran back to the
sitting room and quickly called the cops, he
gave them the necessary details. He had barely
dropped the phone when the door suddenly
broke opened to reveal three unmasked men,
one was holding a gun and the remaining two
were with knives. ” What do you want here?”
He asked them calmly. ” Your soul is needed”
Nath replied him calmly. ” You are going to kill
me right?” Desmond asked again, tears were
now flowing down his eyes. Nath was moved
to pity for the boy, he didn’t know why. ” I
wish I couldn’t , we were sent ” Nath said in a
calm voice, his team mates were surprised at
his show of pity. Now, Desmond parents were
trying to open the door but all to no avail. ”
please, can you help me do something before
you kill me?” Desmond asked crying while Nath
nodded. ” There is a girl in my school, her
name is Sonia, help me tell her I always love
her, now you are free to do your Job” Desmond
said as he knelt down slowly and was looking
up the ceiling. Nath nodded again. ” Desmond
are you okay?” Dr Jason shouted from his
room but got no reply. ” Sleep in peace boy”
Nath said and immediately pulled the trigger to
the forehead of Desmond, Desmond fell down
slowly, there was a smile on his lips, he fell
his last fall. Just then the police siren was
heard from a distant , Nath and his boys
quickly escaped thereby not completing their
mission. At that same moment, Cynthia who
was still staring at the window fell down

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