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The Unseen World – Season 1 – Episode 14

Akpan, Is that your own new style of greeting?” Gabriel asked still smiling. ” How far guy, long time bro ” Akpan shouted happily ” You this guy you won’t kill me, why were you now forming harsh in the first place?” Gabriel asked . ” Since all these years, you didn’t even bother to call your friend again ” Akpan said. ” Am sorry bro, my problems are sufficient to make me forget you ” Gabriel said again in a tone more serious than the previous. ” Yeah Gabriel, that was why I called you. ” Akpan said, in a serious tone also. “I don’t get you ” Gabriel replied him. ” Okay, a video recorder got to me recently, it contained the footages of you injecting Charles Oluwafemi and thereby being the cause of his present condition ” Akpan said calmly while Gabriel eyes opened wide in shock. ” How did it get to you? Akpan, believe me, I didn’t do it. It was a blackmail, that syringe was exchanged” Gabriel said as beads of sweat started forming on his forehead. ” I myself can’t explain how it got to me, it was all a miss up and you shouldn’t expect me to believe you did such a thing to Charles, Come on, You should trust me more than that, if you had done it on purpose, you shouldn’t have recorded yourself with the video recorder ” Akpan said calmly again. Gabriel smiled to himself this time, he had always known Akpan to be a good friend and the attitude he had displayed today confirmed it. Joy saw him smiling and she also smiled, although she didn’t understand what was going on but she knew it was connected to Gabriel’s problem, or better put, their problems. ” Thanks man” Gabriel said silently across the phone. ” It is nothing bro. How is joy? You beauty” Akpan asked, this time in a funny tone. ” She is good ” Gabriel simply replied. ” is she there?” He asked again. ” Yeah she is, but I don’t think you can speak to her now, she is fast asleep ”
Gabriel said calmly, he didn’t want people to know she was suffering from memory loss.” okay, when she wakes up, tell her that her long time crush called ” Akpan said smiling, he wanted to pull Gabriel’s legs like the good old days. ” Akpan, take time o, go and mind your wife, iniobong. How is she self?” Gabriel asked. ” She is fine bro. So Gabriel, its likely for you to be in Akwa ibom anytime soon, I would love myself and you to work on how to bring those guys implicating you to book, I don’t trust this my boys, they might want to use it against me” Akpan said. ” Okay, just tell me anytime you want me to come ” Gabriel replied him. They talked on for some minutes , it had been a long time. ” Dear why did you lie that I was sleeping?” Joy asked immediately Gabriel dropped the call. ” Because you won’t remember him now, and moreover I don’t want anyone to have a knowledge of what you are going through.” Gabriel told her while she nodded, she then went to the small fridge in the corner of the bedroom and brought out a pack of yogurt, ” My guy, do you care for a pack?” She asked him, Gabriel didn’t reply as he looked at her in surprise. ” what did you just call me?” He asked like he didn’t hear her the first time. ” My guy ” she said again while Gabriel nodded, ” I think her memory is coming back gradually ” he said to himself. ” yes, bring a pack for me too ” he said calmly to her. ” is there anything wrong with me calling you my guy?” She asked him as she brought the yogurt to him, ” No dear, I thought I didn’t hear you well, it is a sweet name, my angel ” he said and kissed her forehead.” Am blushing ooo” Joy said in a funny tone while Gabriel smiled.

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Kemi coker, Young Carl’s most recent girlfriend is a tall, light skinned beautiful young girl, she is a Banker, a well paid banker. She is the type of girls boys find difficult to mess around with, that explains why for the past two months with Carl , she hadn’t given him a chance to have anything intimate with her. It was 4:00pm and she was driving to Carl’s house, he didn’t tell her he was back from Benin city but somehow, the news got to her. She parked the car outside Carl’s house, the reason was she wouldn’t be staying long, she had only come to say welcome to him. She stopped as she got to his main door, there was a female sandal there. ” Maybe his colleague ” she thought as she opened the door without knocking, the sitting room was neatly arranged. ” Carl don’t arrange his house ” she thought as she walked towards the bedroom, she pushed the door opened without knocking and was surprise to see Carl in bed with another girl, Carl quickly jumped up from the bed on sighting her, ” Kemi I can explain ” he said in a shaking voice as Kemi stood at the door with mouth opened wide, the girl he was on bed with pushed him back to the bed to continue business, kemi walked away gently.

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Desmond thinks midnight is the best time to read, he always reads his book between the period of 12:00am-3:00am and then sleep till 6:00am. That explains why he was awake today at exactly 1:30am. He was reading his biology note and today, he wasn’t reading in his room, he was using the dinning hall, the light of the dinning hall is more bright than the one of his room. He was just closing the biology note and opening that of chemistry when he thought he heard footsteps in the compound, he stood up quietly and walked to their highly refractive window, the security light outside gave him a clearer view, he could see some pairs of legs walking towards the main door, they were on black trousers.

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