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The Unseen World – Season 1 – Episode 13

“what the hell do you mean by you guys weren’t able to get the recorder? ” the boss shouted at John that evening, John had come to tell him about the failure of their mission. ” Sir, it wasn’t my fault, the b—–d I employed to get the Job done f—-d up the mission ” John said calmly. ” Where is that so called B—–d ?” The boss asked him angrily. ” Trust me boss, I killed him” John replied smiling. ” That’s good ” The boss said stroking his beards, ” Now that Gabriel has escaped this, let make him pay. We would now use plan b, attack his family, kill them, let the Hugines be no more, let that name be history ” The boss said as he stood up from his chair, he walked with the help of a walking stick. ” Okay boss ” John replied. ” find out about his family members, eliminate them all ” The boss said again and John nodded, ” I promise I won’t disappoint you on this one ” John said.

” So Desmond, you have been keeping this to yourself right from sss 1? Wonderful ” Sonia said to Desmond as they sat in the library, they weren’t reading but two books was placed in front of them , it was to be used to deceive the librarian. ” Yeah, I could not because I thought of you being a snub, have seen you ….”. ” But that doesn’t mean I will snub you too, you should have tried ” Sonia said after interrupting him, ” So what if another guy got me before you could be courageous enough to tell me? ” she asked him. ” Then I will take it as my fate ” Desmond replied her, he was now looking into his book. ” Then that mean you don’t love me ” Sonia said smiling, her hands were now placed across Desmond shoulders. ” I love you of course, I couldn’t tell you then because I was afraid of getting a No as an answer ” Desmond said smiling. ” You ain’t like your brother, he got his girlfriend from sss 1, he wasn’t shy ” Sonia said and Desmond turned to her in surprise .

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” How did you know about my brother? ” he asked her ” My sister told me, she was you brother’s class mate ” Sonia replied. ” What is her name?” Desmond asked again. ” Sarah, you can ask your brother about her ” She said again smiling at Desmond, the smiled revealed her perfect white teeth. ” Sonia and Desmond, the library is meant for reading not for toasting ” The librarian shouted across to them, while they quickly pretended to be reading, ” I will ask him ” Desmond said silently to her.
Joshua Hugine is the first son and also first child of Dr Jason Hugine, he happens to be an engineer, he is of average height, chocolate and handsome. He looks more like Dr Jason than any other of his siblin, he can also be said to be the most quiet of all Dr Jason’s Children. He is married with two kids, a boy and a girl, his wife’s name is Evelyn, to him she could said to be the most beautiful woman in the universe just like Joy is the most beautiful woman to Gabriel in the Universe. Joshua is in his late thirties, he got married at an early age. His two children, Ella and Daniel are 12 and 14 years respectively. At his age, Joshua could be said to have achieved what his mates couldn’t have achieved, he is rich, he has a blessed marriage and his marriage is the sweetest to him. No one would believe he is elder to Gabriel due to their height difference, Gabriel is way far taller than him.

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” So now, the first one is a mess, I hope this one won’t be. ” John started, he was talking to his boys, they were seated round a large table. ” The boss has given us one last chance,we are now to eliminate the Hugines. ” John said and looked round to see if he has the attention of his boys, he continued when he was convinced that they were listening. ” Yes, first we attack his family house, it is located somewhere in Ogun state, otta to be precise. His dad is very popular, so you won’t have any problem locating them when you get there ” he said again. ” Sir, you mean we are going to leave Benin city for Ogun state?” Nath asked while John turned to him angrily ” No you won’t, you will use your grandmother’s witchcraft to kill them from here” john said while some of the boys laughed silently. ” Am sorry boss ” Nath apologized as John continued his explanation, he then brought out the picture of Dr Jason Hugine and his wife. ” This is his father and his mother ” He said to them, ” By this time next week, let them be lying down six feet below the ground ” he continued. ” Nath and Chucks, this is your mission ” John said to them, ” But dont worry, you will have backups ” he said again. ” As some of you are busy eliminating his parents, others will be after his siblings. ” he continued as he brought out the picture of Joshua, Eunice, and Cynthia.

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” So, Sandra happened to also be in love with me but i had no interest for her, she tried blackmailing me but it backfired. I fought for you and I got you, and ever since then we have always been inseparable ” Gabriel said to Joy,he was trying to remind her of her past. Joy smiled and eyed him stylishly ” Hmm, this look like a fairy tale, so where is this Sandra now?” Joy asked him, ” She lives in Edo state, but she is now a changed person, she even happens to be your friend ” Gabriel said again. ” I wish I can remember all this ” joy said, placing her right hand on Gabriel’s lap. ” Don’t worry you will ” Gabriel encouraged her, just then his phone rang. ” Unbelievable, so Akpan is still on this planet? ” he said smiling, the caller was Akpan his long time friend, ” Honey the person calling now is the Akpan I was telling you about , the one that is now a detective in Akwa ibom” he said to joy while she looked at him in a confused manner. He finally picked the call and placed the phone on his ear. ” Hello, Akpan the dead man ” he greeted jokingly, it was clear he was happy to speak with Akpan. ” Hugine, I have seen who you truly are ” Akpan said in a harsh tone.

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