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The Unseen World – Season 1 – Episode 12

Cand shirt was a little bit stained with blood due to the earlier incident. He ran out of the toilet and found is way to the room where the cleaners cloth are kept, he took one of the clothes and exit the airport
without being noticed. Not long afterwards, people started running helter skater as some young men brought out the body of Francis alongside his head. ” what a world, this was the same man I greeted not up to an hour ago” Young Carl thought to himself and shook his head in pity.

” So how do you intend solving it now?” Joy asked Gabriel, they were back in the hospital ward and Joy was licking oranges, Gabriel had bought it for her. ” I have no plan for now, but I know very soon I will be able to steal that recorder. As for now, I am more interested in bringing Charles back to normal ” Gabriel replied her, he was pulling her toes which was on his laps. ” Okay, I pray it turns out good. Wait, how did you know I love oranges?” She asked him smiling while Gabriel also smiled and adjusted his glasses. ” Come on, you are my fiancé and have known you right from secondary school days, why won’t I know what you love?” He replied her smiling. ” wait, you mean you have known me right from my secondary school?” She asked again. ” We actually attended the same Secondary school,our love story started right from Secondary school” he replied her. ” It’s a pity I can’t remember all these ” Joy also said . ” That not a problem, its only a matter if time, you will remember everything. ” Gabriel replied her and kissed her feet. At that moment, the Nigerian movie which was being played on the small plasma TV placed in a corner of the room was interrupted by a breaking news. ” I am Favour Edeh, and I am life at the local airport Benin city. Another victim of cold murder was discovered earlier today here, according to reporters, the headless body was found in the toilet, this is the 50th person that had died in this way. The Police are doing their best to bring this individual killer to book and we hope on them to finish this soon ” The reporter said, afterwards the picture of Francis bodiless head was displayed in front of the camera, Gabriel sprang up immediately. ” This is bad for Christ sake ” Joy said but Gabriel wasn’t paying attention to her. ” That is him!!! ” he shouted after some minutes, ” Who?” Joy asked confused.

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” The man that has been implicating me with that recorder, oh my goodness, I am doomed. Surely that recorder will get to the police now ” he lamented. ” calm down dear, it will be fine ” joy said as she stood up from the bed and hugged him from behind. About a minute later, the doctor came into the ward, he was wearing a smile. ” She is okay to go home this evening ” The doctor said to them In a calm and friendly voice, ” Thanks Doc ” Gabriel replied, he was trying hard to smile. ” Thank you Doctor ” Joy also said smiling as she started gathering her things.

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” Nice Job Cand, I always trust you with this kind of things ” John said to him as he collected the briefcase which he thought contained the recorder. He smiled as he opened it gently only to meet some files, he raised the files up gently hoping the briefcase would be underneath but didn’t see any.

” Cand, what in God’s name is this?” He asked him angrily, Cand and Nath came forward to look at the content of the briefcase. ” But this was the Briefcase we saw in his house ” Cand said facing Nath, Nath nodded slightly. ” But the recorder isn’t here for Christ sake” John shouted angrily, he pulled out his gun from the side of his suit and pointed it to Cand’s forehead.

” If you want her to get back her memory, try do things of the past ” The Doctor said to Gabriel in his office that evening, Joy was already in the car waiting to go home. ” Thanks Doctor ” Gabriel simply replied him and shook hands with him before leaving the office for his car. ” So please can we go now? Am tired of seeing this hospital building ” Joy said smiling as Gabriel entered into the car, Gabriel smiled back and started the engine ” Here we go ” he said and Zoomed off happily.

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” Young Carl, what the hell is this? I sent you to get me some files and all you have here is a Godforsaken recorder ” Detective Akpan shouted as Carl stood with legs spread apart and hands at his back. ” Sir, there must be a miss up somewhere, I checked before leaving the headquarters, the files were in the briefcase” Young Carl said calmly while Akpan laughed, ” Now get out ” Akpan shouted. ” Sir…” Young Carl tried explaining more but he got shut down. ” Just get out!” Akpan shouted again and young Carl walked out slowly. Akpan relaxed his back on the chair for a while before he finally put on the recorder.
” please john, we can talk this out” Cand said as he had a gun pointed to his forehead. “There is nothing to talk out here ” John replied and immediately pulled the trigger, Cand fell down dead, Nath opened his mouth wide in disbelief.

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