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The Unseen World – Season 1 – Episode 11

” Yeah, it was my fault. ” he said. ” Wait so you mean my parents are dead?” She asked him while he nodded as tears flowed down their eyes. ” Please where are they?” She asked him. ” They have been taken to the mortuary, please Joy am….” He was interrupted. ” Just shut up and get out from here ” she barked at him but he didn’t go. ” Joy, it wasn’t actually my fault, I was about telling you all this but you left my car out of anger, if you had stayed that day, all these wouldn’t have happened ” he said to her. ” See I don’t know what you are talking about, I don’t know you, you are a beast !!!” She shouted as she hit his chest hard, just then the doctor rushed in. ” What is happening here?” He asked no one in particular. ” Doctor, tell this beast to leave here ” Joy shouted again, the doctor turned calmly to Gabriel. ” Please prof, just go, you know she is just recovering. ” the doctor said silently to him, he only nodded and went out. He went to where his car was, hr entered into it angrily and sped off. He didn’t go home, he drove straight to Francis house.

” Wow, it is cool to feel the fresh and welcoming air of Benin city. ” young Carl said to himself as he stood in the local airport of the city of Benin. The first thing that caught his eyes was the big sculpture of a human head or mask, with two objects beside it. ” When I die, the person who made this will make a sculpture in memory of me” Young Carl said to himself as he walked towards a taxi . ” Where?” The taxi man asked him. ” just take me to any good hotel, especially that kind of hotel where I can find fresh girls ” he said to the taxi man smiling, the taxi man smiled back. ” Oga, if you see girls ehen, you go hail o” he said in pidgin English. ” Exactly my brother, I wan hail ” young Carl replied him also in pidgin English before entering the taxi. The taxi man drove him to a famous hotel along Airport road Benin city, he paid the man and went in. ” I am ready to hail ” he said to himself smiling as he saw girl lined up outside the hotel gate.

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“So was that what you wanted to tell me?” Sonia asked Desmond, she wanted to make him feel shy and embarrassed. ” Am sorry ” Desmond said with his head bent. ” Why are you apologizing?” She asked him again, she was really enjoying this. ” For saying I love you?” Desmond replied foolishly. ” But you really love me right?” She asked again smiling. ” Sonia, let’s forget about that ” Desmond said as he stood up to go to the library but Sonia held him back. ” I love you too ” she finally said smiling while Desmond eyes opened wide, he was happy no doubt. ” I love you so much. ” Sonia said again while Desmond smiled and gave her a light hug before walking with her to the library, their class mates smiled at them as they walked out, like brother like brother, just like Gabriel Hugine.

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” John ” the boss called out, he was in his sitting room with his boy John. ” Sir ” john or captain john replied him. ” Have you guys gotten that recorder?” The boss asked John while John smiled. ” Boss we will get it in three days time” John said to the boss. ” Please make sure you do, Gabriel need to be dealt with ” The boss said as he smiled and stroked his white beards. ” Okay boss ” John said as he sip his drink.
Gabriel drove with high velocity along the major ring road of Benin city, he was heading to Francis house. He took a left turn into a street, that was Francis street. He parked his car at some distance to Francis house and jumped down his car. He locked the car and jogged to Francis gate. He kicked the gate with his right leg and surprisingly it opened freely. He then walked to the main door and also pushed into opened. Francis was sitting on a couch when the door opened wide and Gabriel came in, he needed no prophet to tell him what was next, he remembered during their Nysc days, there was this day Gabriel got very angry. About some years back, in their Nysc camp, there was this guy, a bully to be precise. He derived pleasure from bullying his camp mates , his fellow youth corps, his name was Monday. Although he had bullied almost all his camp mates, he and Gabriel had never crossed path but on this particular day, he decided to annoy Gabriel , he purposely poured the water Gabriel had fetched for bathing away, and that was it. The only thing they heard next was that Monday was in the hospital after being beaten beyond recognition by Gabriel, but that was years ago. Now Gabriel was in his house staring at him face to face and advancing towards him, Francis got up from his couch immediately . ” What do you want here? Hope you brought Joy with you?” He asked trying to be brave. ” No, I didn’t bring Joy, I brought this” Gabriel said and almost immediately flew across the centre table and landed on Francis who wasn’t expecting it. Francis landed on the floor heavily but Gabriel want done, he carried him up and started landing heavy punches at his face, not only punches but also different types of kicks.
Francis remembered Gabriel had once told him he used to be an amateur karate student but Francis hadn’t believed him then, but today as they say, seeing is believing. Francis knew he would die if Gabriel continued to dish out kicks and blows to him, so he had no other option that to shout. ” Neighbours o, help me!!!! ” he shouted continuously and soon enough, the neighbours rushed into his compound, they barged into his sitting room and separated them. Gabriel got himself free from them and advanced towards Francis again, but they still held him back. He then walked out of the house angrily, went to where his car was parked and drove off.
” shhhhh, you girls should shut up, my girlfriend is calling me ” it was Young Carl talking to some prostitutes, they were about four in number, they were with him in the hotel room. According to him, they were there to make life sweet. He picked up his call, it was from Kemi ” Hello love ” Carl greeted as he picked up the phone. ” Carl, what took you so long to pick up? ” Kemi asked him. ” I was actually reading the bible ” he lied and at that moment one of the prostitutes couldn’t hold it anymore and she bursted out in laughter. ” Carl, does your bible have a female voice? ” Kemi asked him but Young Carl remained speechless as he turned to face the girl who laughed.

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From Francis house, Gabriel drove straight to the info’s lab, an idea had just popped into his head. He parked just in front of the lab and barged in. ” Open him up ” he said to no one in particular, but he was pointing towards the cylinder where Charles was kept. ” What did you say sir?” A scientist asked him and Gabriel turned to him angrily, ” I said open him up” he shouted this time, at that moment Charles started struggling in the cylinder, Gabriel ran towards the cylinder and disconnected it from its source of power, he then forced the cylinder open. Charles jumped out from it and stood face to face with Gabriel, all the scientist in the lab ran out and Gabriel adjusted his glasses.

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