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The Unseen World – Season 1 – Episode 10

” Oh my God, dad I never thought of all this.” Gabriel said as his eyes opened wide, he had been a fool. ” So who knew about you treating Charles?” Dr Jason asked while Gabriel placed his left hand on his jaw, he was obviously thinking deeply. ” I can’t remember for now dad.” He finally said ” Gabriel you used to wise now” Cynthia talked for the first time. ” Oh God I have been a fool ” Gabriel shouted as he adjusted his glasses. ” It isn’t time to regret now son, we are all bound to make mistakes, all we need now is the solution to the problem” Mrs Hugine said with a sorrowful look. ” Yes, all we need to find a way out” Eunice added while Dr Jason nodded. ” Don’t worry, it will all be over ” Joshua the eldest of all Dr Jason children said, not only was he the eldest, he was also the most quiet. ” where am i ?” Joy’s voice echoed in the small ward, all faces turned to her immediately. ” Joy!!!” Gabriel screamed as he stared into her eyes which was now opened. ” Who are you?” Joy asked him, it was then he remembered she was suffering from temporary memory loss. ” Its m..e” he said softly hoping there should be a miracle. ” You who?” Joy asked again trying to get up from the bed but Gabriel held her back. All this while, the Hugines were just staring at them. The doctor soon entered and was happy to see joy awake. ” Miss Alex” he said happily as he walked towards Joy, ” Is that my name?” Joy asked as she touched the back of her head ” ouch ” she said softly and the doctor slowly rested her head on the bed, ” You need to rest ” he said to her.

” Good Job, the both of you made me proud” John said to Nath and Cand as they sat in a bar drinking alcohol. ” Thanks boss ” they both said in union while john nodded, ” Now, the next assignment is for Cand, my killer man.” John said again as he took another sip from his glass. ” Always ready boss ” Cand replied him smiling, he always smiles in situations like this. ” I want you to be at the local airport on that day, get that briefcase containing the recorder and kill the mother f—-r of a man ” John said again and Cand smiled the more. ” Considered it done boss ” he said happily. ” What is the time of his flight?” John asked him, ” 8:00am boss ” Cand replied again. ” ” Be there at least by 6:00am ” John told him, poured the remaining content of the glass into his mouth and then went out after shaking hands with Cand and Nath. Cand brought out his knife from his shoe and rubbed it on his own cheeks, ” I smell blood ” he said smiling, Nath also smiled.

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” Am Gabriel, Gabriel Hugine ” Gabriel said to Joy who was now doing fine, It was now two days since she recovered. she was sitting up on the bed and smiling, smiling because Gabriel had been making her laugh all through.
She was sipping a cup of tea. ” And I am?” She asked Gabriel while he smiled, he had told her that she was suffering from temporary memory loss but she wouldn’t just believe him. ” You are Joy Alex ” Gabriel said while Joy laughed. ” my name is kinda nice ” she said to him while he smiled. ” Yeah, it is the sweetest name I have ever heard ” Gabriel said while she blushed. ” So who are you to me?” Joy asked him still smiling while Gabriel also smiled. ” I am actually your fiance ” Gabriel said to her while she laughed and sipped more of her tea. ” I can’t remember that ” Joy said to him . ” you see, you can’t remember because you actually loss your memory ” Gabriel said to her while she dropped her cup of tea . ” So what really happened to me?” She asked again while Gabriel adjusted his glasses. ” Hey why are you always adjusting your glasses?” She asked him smiling while he smiled back and adjusted the glasses again.
” That adjusting of glasses is making me remember someone, but let’s forget that” she said touching the back of her head. ” I think you have to rest now ” Gabriel said as he placed her slightly on the bed and soon she was asleep. Gabriel later left her in the hospital and went home to prepare food for her.

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As he cooked, his mind drifted back to five years ago, he was trying to remember who else knew he was going to prepare a solution for Charles. In his thought, his food almost got burnt but it didn’t, he thought and thought but couldn’t remember him telling anyone. He finished cooking after some minutes and then packaged the food in a fine bag before going to the hospital with it.

Joy was already awake, the doctor was with her, he was probably checking her. ” welcome Mr Gabriel ” the doctor said to him. ” welcome Gabriel ” Joy also said smiling, it was funny to her that he is her fiance. ” How are you doing now?” Gabriel asked her, he ignored the doctor’s greeting. ” The doctor was just saying that I should be ready to go home in two days time ” Joy told him while he smiled and shook hands with the doctor, the doctor left some minutes later. ” I brought you food ” Gabriel said as he unpacked the bag he came with. ” thank God, I was really hungry ” She said collecting the food from him. ” So where is my house? I don’t seem to remember ” Joy said to him as she opened the content of the flask, the aroma was nice. ” oh God, i have told you, you are my fiance and you live with me ” Gabriel said to her again. ” Then why can’t I remember you?” Joy asked again although he had told her she was suffering from memory loss earlier that day but she wanted to be clear. ” What really happened to me?” She asked another question, Gabriel took a deep breath and began his story, it was now or never.

Desmond could be seen wearing another finely decorated eyeglass, it had been given to him by the optician since he had given his elder brother his former one. ” Desmond ” the physics teacher suddenly called him while Desmond looked up from his book. ” Sir ” he answered calmly in his cool, calm and melodious voice, that voice that makes all girls bow. ” How do you test if a charge is positive or negative in an electric field? ” the physics teacher asked as Desmond stood up. ” I think we can do that by using a positive test charge, the convention is that if the charge to be tested is positive, it will move outward, but if it is negative , it will move inward ” Desmond replied calmly in his sweet voice again. ” please, I need you guys to clap non stop for this boy ” the physics teacher said and the class did as instructed, some girls could be seen winking at him, among such girls was Sonia, the school most beautiful girl. ” Hi Desmond ” Sonia came to him after the physics teacher had left . ” Hey Sony babe how far?” He asked her smiling. ” Am good, so you got a new pair of eye glasses?” She asked him while he nodded. Truth be told, Desmond had always crushed on Sonia but he happens to be a kind of shy guy and doesn’t have the courage to tell her about his feelings. Sonia sat on his desk staring at him while he bent his head looking at his book, he was actually reading noting from it. ” yeah, I remember. Desmond you said you wanted to tell me something ” Sonia said after a while of staring at him. ” Me? When?” He asked. ” ” On Facebook yesterday ” Sonia replied while Desmond nodded. ” I was actually Joking, I had n..” He was interrupted. ” You weren’t Joking, why are you always behaving like a woman, for Christ sake you are a man, throw away this your shy attitude ” she said , her tone showed she was a little bit angry. She stood up from the chair and made to go to her seat but Desmond drew her back. ” what is it?” She asked with a twisted face. ” Am sorry ” he said calmly in his calm voice. ” I actually love you Sonia ” he said in a cracking voice, Sonia smiled revealing her complete sets of perfect white teeth as her long hair was swept sideways by a light breeze.

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” Wait so you mean you actually caused all this ?” Joy asked Gabriel in a raised tone, she didn’t wait for an answer before landing him a hot slap, surely Gabriel was expecting that.

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