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The Unknown – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 10]





🌷By Authoress Pinky🌷


🌻Chapter One <1>🌻


Subtitle: [The Perfect Murder]


“Ahhhhhhhh!” A woman screamed at the top of her lungs as she fell to the floor, staring at the lifeless body that laid in front of her. With shaky hands she grabbed her phone from her purse and dialed the police number, it was shortly answered. “Hello. The….there is…a…a..lifeless body….lying…in…in…front of me.” The woman said in between sobs.


And that was it. That was the beginning of the murder. The perfect murder.




A Night Before The Murder….



“You don’t tell me shit, okay!? You caused this damn fucking thing!! You did!” Bianca said in fury as she glared at Connor, her ‘dear boyfriend.’ Tsk, what a sarcastic adjective to describe a jerk like him.


“i did? You made it sound like I was the one who was caught cheating on the other party!” He yelled back. “I had walked in on you and my brother kissing and this is what you are telling me?”


Bianca scoffed as she ran her fingers through her hair, messing it up in the process. “You sure can deceive people, Connor. I, myself almost fell for that. Yeah, I won’t deny the fact on kissing your brother but how about you…can you also stop denying the fact of not fucking my sister behind my back!”


Connor clenched his fist, giving Bianca a death glare. Strangling her here wouldn’t be a problem to him but then, all eyes will be on him since everyone knows for a fact that she had walked into his apartment. So what will he say, if she doesn’t walk back out and then, she goes missing and after a while, she is found dead beside a bridge?



Of course, all eyes would be on him.


“I didn’t fuck your sister!” He growled in reply.


“You lying bastard! Can you be more truthful, if not to me at least to yourself. Can’t you?” She took some steps towards him. “She told me herself.” She saw the look of surprise on his face. Yeah, he was surprise that her sister had told her the whole truth about the both of them.


She was very mad at her sister. They were sisters but we’re also best of friends. They did everything together. They eat together when they were just kids. They played all kind of games together. If the other is sick and refuses to eat, the other will also refuse to eat. They were twins bounded together but they weren’t exactly twins. Bianca was older than Alma. Just with one year.


But after Alma had confessed the whole truth to her sister about her boyfriend and I, she knew for a fact that there blindness was broken. And her sister will hate her forever. But she needed to tell the truth. The guilt were eating her up already.


“Are you surprise?” Bianca now asked after a long silence. Connor didn’t say anything but kept glaring at her. “God, I can’t believe that my so called boyfriend as been fucking and my sister all along.” She sniffed as the tears threatened to fall. “You are a bastard! That is what you are!” She turned to leave but Connor caught her hand, holding her back. She tried to pull free from his grasp but he was holding her tightly. “Let go of me, you bastard!”


“Is that your reason for kissing my brother?” He asked, ignoring her. She stopped struggling and stared at him, a bit taken back by his question. They were standing pretty close. Their faces were just inches away from each other. Bianca didn’t answer. She just kept staring. “ANSWER ME!” Connor yelled this time around.


She was a bit scared. The guy she was seeing right now was different from the guy she had once fallen in love with and dated. But she wouldn’t let him know about how scared she was now. He doesn’t have to know that.


“I’m not a cheat like you, Connor. Yeah, your brother had kissed me but I had pushed him off me just in time. But….I don’t think that’s going to be your business any more. Because you are no longer my boyfriend.”


“Are you breaking up with me?” His voice had softened now.


“I should have done this long time ago even when I noticed your sudden behavior towards me but I was so stupid to have done something just in time. But trust me, I’m not going to make that mistake again. Stay away from me, Connor. Stay clear off my path.” She forcefully pulled her wrist from his grasp. It was quite obvious that he had willingly let go because if he still chooses to hold on to her hand then there would be no way for her to pull her wrist out. But Bianca didn’t even think about that, she just turned away from him and walked out of the door, getting her bag off the floor.


She didn’t even take a glance back at him or the house. She just left. For good.


Bianca kept crying as she made her way towards her car that was parked in the parking lot. She loved him. She loved him like crazy and now she was losing him. No, she had already lose him.


Why does life have to be so cruel to her? Why does he have to cheat on her with her sister? Why does her perfect life have to become this way? She was so drenched in her own thoughts that she wasn’t even watching where she was going until she bump into something…no, someone.


“Oh my God. I’m so sorry.” Bianca apologised to the person whose face was covered with a black hoodie. And the dark cloud also did a great job in covering the person’s identity. But what does she care? The person’s identity isn’t any of her business.


The person didn’t say anything but just walked out.




Bianca thought as she hopped into her car and drove off.



The Day Of The Murder…..,


The sun reflected on her face as she tried opening her eyes. Immediately she received a sharp pain in her head. She was going to die, she was sure of it. The headache was killing her.


Bianca groaned as she toss to the other direction of the bed to block the sun out. She slowly opened her eyes. And what caught her eyes first was the empty bottle of vodka. She shut her eyes close for a while then open it later on.


She had drunk herself to sleep after crying for hours as soon as she got home. But who would blame her? She was passing through the procedure of fixing her broken heart, okay?


Bianca slowly got up to her feet and headed out of her room. She needed to attend to the headache. She got into the bathroom and opened the cabinet. She collected a painkiller drugs then made her way to the kitchen. Each steps making her whine in agony.


She successfully got into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of water before drinking two tablets from the drugs with the water to ease the pain.


She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair as memories for what had happened just last night flooded into her head. Geez, how she hates her life right now.


She slowly made her way to her room again an flopped down on her bed. She just need to sleep again and rest for awhile before going on with her day. And life.




She stretched out her hand and shut her eyes close but then her hand hit something that made a little noise. She opened her eyes and glance over to where her hand had hit. There lies her dress. The dress she had wore just last night.


She grabs the dress and dipped her hands into the pocket, only just to find a paper…no, a letter in it. She stared at it, confused.


How had the letter got into her pocket? She can’t remember putting it in there. She sighed as she unfolded the letter and read out loud;


‘Too much for the break up, huh? Never expected you to empty the whole bottle. But anyway, life goes on…. Isn’t that going to be what your are going to say? *Smirks* Well, that’s a very big life. You will never forget about what happened last night. Not even about what’s going to happen today. Every one needs to get stuck in a particular place, don’t you think? But….how about I help fix the trouble? Huh? What do you say?…..💮’


Bianca read the letter over and over again but couldn’t point out who it may be that had left the letter in her pocket. In fact, who knows about her break up with Connor aside from him? Or about the fact that she had emptied a whole bottle of vodka?


Bianca massages her temple as she crumpled the letter and the it across the floor. It rolled under a shelf where her books are kept. Maybe she was seeing things. She was still going through her hungover.


She had already shut her eyes close when she started hearing a knock from the front door. She groaned as she cursed under her breath and got up to her feet.


She was going to punch whoever it was that was knocking. She got to the front o the front door and opened it, as soon as she saw who it was standing in front of her…. Bianca’s lips stretched into a smile.




Present Day….,


“What is the victim’s name?” Gina, a well respected deceive asked as she walked side by side with her assistant, Zoe. Who wasn’t just her assistant but also her best friend. Well, one of her best friends.


“Bianca Wilfred. She works as a chef.” Zoe answered as they both walked into Bianca’s room. No one knew what happened. What thy only know was that, the victim had drank a while bottle of vodka last night and only to be found dead by her mother this morning.


“So nothing has been found that might lead us to the killer?” Gina asked as she looked all around the room.


Zoe shrugged as she also inspected the room. “For now….No.”


Gina folded her arms across her chest and kept looking about the room but nothing was found. She sighed and turned around and walked out of the room, Some following her from behind.


“We just need to do some background check on her. This was obviously not a suicide but a murder.”


“Yeah. Concerning the background check. Her mom had told us that she has another daughter aside from the victim. Well, I had asked Wilson to go to her house and take her to the police station for some questioning…she might know something that no one knows.”


“Yeah. That’s good.” Gina acknowledged. Zoe just nods with a half smile on her face. The body had been taken to the morgue to do some autopsy on it.


Gina stared at the chalked floor of where the victim had laid. Her eyes looked further and it finally rested on the kitchen area. She stroked into the kitchen and found two mugs on the sink.


“Two mugs?” She heard Zoe’s voice from behind but didn’t turn to look at her as she walked closer to the sink.


“Yeah. A mug of coffee.” Gina said after studying the mugs. “Wait.” She quickly walked back to the sitting room and stare at the table, she then started picturing some images of what might have happened. After a while, Gina gasped out loud.


“What is it?” Zoe asked immediately.


“She knows the killer.” Gina suddenly said.


“How do you mean?” Zoe asked, confused.


“She didn’t fight the person. Look, everywhere isn’t scattered or anything. The place is well tidy enough for a murder to have taken place.” She paused. They were the only two in here aside from the police standing in front of the apartment so no one could enter. “Let’s take for instance, since she had drank a whole bottle of vodka, that means she must have had a severe headache this morning. She walked out to take some pain reliever drug and after doing so, she was about to walk in when she heard a knock. She walks towards the door to answer the door and then find a familiar face out there and then she ushered the person in, then she offered the visitor a cup of coffee and the both drank it and after doing so, she returned the mugs into the kitchen and then walked back out to attend to her visitor… Then on getting out of the kitchen, she was attacked now, look…” She points at a hairpin lying beside the chalked floor. “She had tried to fight back with a hairpin.”


Zoe nods her head taking everything in. “You are right.”


“This… it’s a perfect murder….the killer didn’t use a weapon. Because there is no blood stain or drip anywhere.”


“The killer had used something else.”




Gina and Zoe walked into the morgue where the are running the autopsy and found the doctor, reading through some thing on his tablet.


“Hello, Mr Rick.” Both Gina and Zoe greeted in unison.


Mr Rick turned towards them with a half smile on his face. “How did the investigation go?”


“Complicated. We just need to have some word with her sister. How about the autopsy result? Is it out?”


He nods his head. “Yes.” He sighed. “She was poisoned.” He said. “And I think the poison was mixed with the vodka.” He added after a while.


“But how can that be possible?” Zoe asked, confused. “I mean, the visitor came this morning after she had drank the alcohol last night. And how come did she not die then but died this morning?”


The doctor shrugged. “i guess the poison used dealt with timing. The killer should be an expert on things like this.” He walked over to the table and picked something up before coming back and handing them a red rose. “The police had brought in her body along with this rose. Here.”



Gina collected the rose. “Red rose?”


“What is a red rose doing beside her body again? Or did I boyfriend gave it to her?” Zoe said absentmindedly.


Gina widened her eyes at that fact. Yes, her boyfriend. Why didn’t she think of that. Most murder always have something to do with the boyfriend. She stared at the rose before saying.


“The visitor was her boyfriend.” TBC.



QUESTION: Any guess on who the murderer may be?

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