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The Unknown Attack – Season 1 – Episode 9

Episode 9

Good evening Daddy. “mama zion greeted because that is how they address their pastor

How are you? pastor Emma asked smiling

Am fine sir. “mama zion replied and also greeted the pastor’s wife who have been there smiling

how is the family? pastor Emma asked again

they are all fine by the special grace of God .”she replied and they offer her a seat

“So what brought you to my house this evening, I hope there is no problem? he asked

actually daddy!! there is a little problem, so mama zion explain everything to him.

so you mean that all this things have been happening to your neighbor and she didn’t seek the face of God? pastor Emma asked

she seek the face of God but still the children keep on dying, that was why she begged me to invite you to their house because have been telling her much about you. “mama zion said

This is really serious, honey you have to do something to help her neighbor. “pastor Emma’s wife who was there said to her husband.

“sister Stella! I have heard all you said, but don’t worry I will come tomorrow evening to pray for your neighbor’s family. “pastor Emma said

But daddy tomorrow is too far, why not come this evening because I told her that I will be be coming with you, please help my neighbor. “mama zion pleaded

I can’t come this evening, please tell her that I will come tomorrow. “pastor Emma said

please honey go with her, so that you can pray for her family who knows if the devil is planning to attack them this night, please go with her to deliver that family .”his wife said in a concerned tone

you will not understand dear, my spirit keep on telling me not to go today but tomorrow, I just don’t know why. “pastor Emma said worriedly to his wife

You are a man of God, you don’t have to be afraid of anything, just go with her and deliver that her neighbor’s family because what they are passing through is demonic attack which you is your work to deliver them from it .”his wife said

“Not that am afraid to go with her to deliver that family, just that the spirit of God keep on telling me not to go today but tomorrow, since you insist I should go with her to deliver her neighbor’s family no problem. so he stood up went inside his room to change his cloth, after that he took his car key went outside, so he and mama zion entered his car and they drove off, as they were driving along the road, the old woman with a vulture head appeared and caused confusion on the road which made pastor Emma to lose brake in his driving but before he could do anything his car ran into a trailer coming in full speed and it crushed him and mama zion to death, after the old woman with vulture head saw that they are dead she laughed devlishly and then disappeared.


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