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The Unknown Attack – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode 6

Meanwhile Gabriel was with his in the sitting room, when his phone began to rang, so he checked the caller and it was pastor Fred’s number.

who is that calling? Tina asked

is pastor Fred, maybe he is calling to tell us that he have reach home .”Gabriel replied and then he picked the call.

“hello pastor! have you got home? Gabriel asked over the phone but to his surprise it wasn’t pastor Fred calling but his wife.

hello! brother Gabriel .” pastor Fred’s wife said crying

ma’am what is the problem? this one you are crying I hope everything is okay? Gabriel asked confusedly

my husband is dead .”she said still crying

what?? that can’t be possible because he left here not too long, how can that be ? he said still shock on what he heard

“The police called me and told me of his death, so I went there to confirm if it was really my husband they saw but to my greatest surprise I saw my husband dead in his car, there are some marks on his neck which shows that he was strangled. “pastor Fred’s wife explained crying over the phone

OMG!! who could have killed pastor Fred? and where is he now? Gabriel asked

we have taken him to the mortuary, I want to go and inform his family members of his death. “she sadly said and then she dropped the call while Gabriel stood there still shock on the death of pastor Fred. Tina who have been there listening to the conversation because her husband Gabriel put the call on loud speaker.

so pastor Fred who left our house not too long is dead just like that? Tina asked sadly

am even still shock on his death .”Gabriel said

something is wrong somewhere, why is that today he came to our house to pray that he died? honey are you thinking what am thinking? she asked

I don’t think his death have anything to do with our house he came because they said that they saw some marks on his neck which shows that he was strangled his car, but my question now is that who could have killed pastor Fred? he asked no one in particular

“Am scared of all this things happening nowadays, first it was our children and now is pastor Fred. “Tina said in a sad mood. After everything pastor Fred was later buried by his family members .

one week later, Tina son Johnson was fetching from the tap which he will use to wash his cloth, as he was taking water from the tap something struck him on his chest and he began to scream which made mama zion to rushed out because the tap where Johnson was fetching water was near her window.

Johnson what is the problem? mama zion asked immediately she came out

my chest! my chest!! “Johnson cried holding his chest, while mama zion rushed inside and called Tina his mother and they both ran out, but before they came out Johnson was already dead with fear Tina grabbed him vigorously as she calls his name, Johnson! Johnson!! “she screamed to his ears but it was too late as Johnson was already gone.

“who have I offended that is killing all my children? Johnson please wake up. “Tina screamed in agony while mama zion was consoling her.

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