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The Unknown Attack – Season 1 – Episode 5

Episode 5

“what did the pastor said? Gabriel asked his wife immediately she dropped the call

He said that he will be coming tomorrow evening .”Tina replied

I just hope that after his prayers tomorrow that everything will be okay, because I can’t afford to lose any of my children again….. as Gabriel was still talking to his wife, they heard their baby cry with fear they rushed to the sitting room on getting there they saw Johnson and Michael still playing with her and they were relieved.

jewel! why are you crying, you almost give us heart attack .”Tina said and carried her baby who was still crying

why is she crying? Gabriel asked his two sons

nothing dad, we were just playing with her all of a sudden she started crying .”Johnson replied

“maybe she is tired of sitting down .”Michael also said

I think she is feeling sleepy, let me go inside and breastfeed her so that she can sleep .”Tina said and took the baby inside the room.

The next day evening, pastor Fred went to Tina’s house to pray for her family, first he prayed for the house and poured holy water around every corner of the house, after that he prayed for the children and parents.

As I have prayed now, no evil shall come near you or your children again, you are now free from any demonic attack .”pastor Fred assured them

thank you pastor for your prayers. “Gabriel said

you are welcome, but please make sure you pray always with your children .”pastor Fred said

we will pastor, thank you once again for coming .”Tina said

Jewel, how are you doing? pastor Fred said touching the baby who was busy playing on the floor where she sat. after that Tina and her husband see him off to outside of the compound where his car was parked, so he entered his car and drove off while Tina and Gabriel went back inside.

As pastor Fred was driving, along the road an old scary woman with a vulture head appeared to him inside his car, when he saw this with fear he screamed.

“who are you? and what do you want from me? he asked trembling

how dare you interfer in my business? for that I shall kill you .”the old woman said in a loud and scary voice

I don’t know what you are talking about, I rebuke you in the mighty name of Jes……. before he could complete his statement the old woman killed him, and after that she disappeared.

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