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The Unknown Attack – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4

Am sorry he was already dead before you brought him. “the doctor said shaking his head

“nooo….. not again, my son cannot be dead .”Tina cried

doctor! you mean my son David is dead ? Gabriel asked the doctor with tears

yes, you people brought him dead, am sorry for your loss. “the doctor said and Gabriel sobbed because David was his first child.

The next day morning, Gabriel took David’s body and buried him in the cemetery, he was also accompany by some of his family members. meanwhile at home Tina and her children were still crying, their neighbors who came were consoling them.

“but what really happened to him? mama Mary one of their neighbor asked

I don’t know exactly what happened to him, we were sleeping in the midnight, when I heard him screamed, so I woke my husband up and we rushed to the children’s room to know what the scream was all about, but to our greatest surprise we saw our son David on the floor vomiting blood and from there he died before we got to the hospital. “Tina explained with tears

“Too bad!! my sister, the way your children are dying is not ordinary, I will advise you seek the face of God because I think your children are dying from unknown attack which is spiritual, why not call your pastor so he can pray for your home and children. “mama zion advised

do you think that my children are dying from attack? Tina asked

yes I think so, all you have to do is to invite your pastor. “mama zion said

but if truly my children are dying from attack, my pastor would have told me that two days ago that I went to church for prayers. “Tina said confusedly

“just invite your pastor let him pray for your family .”mama zion said and after that she and mama Mary left, while Tina began to think of what mama zion told her, after some moment she decided that she will call her pastor.

Later that evening, Tina was in the room with her husband, while her sons were in the sitting room playing with their baby sister jewel, as Tina was in the room she decided to call their pastor because at that time they were still mourning for their son who died. so she dialed pastor Fred’s number and it rang but he wasn’t picking his call, so she called him the second time and he picked the call.

“good evening pastor, is me Tina. “Tina greeted immediately he picked the call

sister Tina!! how are you? pastor Fred asked

am fine pastor .”Tina replied

so how is the family ? he asked again

they are fine pastor .”she replied

what about your baby, I hope she is fine? he asked

yes pastor they are all fine .”Tina replied and then she explained everything to the pastor and he assured her that he will come the following day to pray for her family.

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