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The Unknown Attack – Season 1 – Episode 3

Honey! please let’s take him to the hospital, I don’t want anything to happen to my son. “Tina screamed in agony and that moment they rushed Henry to hospital, while their other children went inside the house without going to school for that day again.

Tina and her husband took their son Henry to hospital and he was rushed to the emergency. Tina sat on a chair crying and pacing, while Gabriel was left walking up and down. shortly the doctor showed up they rushed to him immediately.

“how is my son? is he okay? Tina asked but the doctor refused to say anything and this made Tina’s heart to skipped

doctor!! please say something, how is my son? is he alright? Gabriel also asked but still the doctor didn’t say anything. after some moment the doctor sighted and said “Am sorry we lost him .”he said and immediately Tina fell on the ground crying rolling herself

“doctor! what do you mean that we lost him? Gabriel asked with tears dropping from his eyes

your son is dead, we tried all we could to save him but unfortunately he died .”the doctor explained and Gabriel sobbed while Tina was on the ground crying.

Later they took their son’s body and buried him.

One day Tina was at home with her baby, her husband had gone to work, while her three sons had also gone to school. she was at home when her friend Franca came to visit her .

“my sister!! am sorry for what happened to your son Henry, please take heart “Franca said

Thank you! but honestly I don’t really know what is happening to my children, just last month my son Elvis died and now is Henry, I don’t who I have offended .”Tina said with tears dropping from her eyes while still carrying her baby jewel

is okay, I understand the pain you are passing through now and am sorry for your lost please take heart, but wait ooo…. was Henry sick? Franca asked

“no!! he was not sick, we were having breakfast that morning when he started complaining of headache so I gave him some drugs and the headache stopped that moment, as they were about to enter the car he started screaming that his head was hurting him and we rushed him to the hospital and from there he died .”Tina explained with tears while Franca consoled her, after some moment Franca collected the baby from her.

“Jewel baby you have grown so fast. “she said while playing with the baby

she have grown, this month will be her six months. “Tina said

wow!! six months?? I remember when she was still a new baby, now she is already six months nawaooo children can grow fast .”Franca said smiling and that moment she throw the baby up in the air and the baby laughed. Franca stayed for some hours with Tina before she left.

That same midnight when Tina and her husband was sleeping in their room with their baby, as they were sleeping there came a loud scream from the children’s room which woke Tina up, so she tapped her husband to wake up.

“What is it honey? Gabriel asked with a sleepy eyes

This is not time for questions, let’s rushed to the children’s room I think I heard one of them screamed. “Tina said panicking immediately they rushed to the children’s room, when they got there lol and behold they saw David their first son on the ground vomiting blood, while their other children were there crying, with fear Tina rushed and grab her son David who was still vomiting blood.

David!! David!!! ” Tina screamed calling his name while her husband Gabriel went to their room and collect his car key rushed back to the children’s room and carried David, Tina also followed and they rushed David to hospital, but before they got there David died.

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