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The Unknown Attack – Season 1 – Episode 17

Episode 17

Michael!! what is it? Tina asked while still on the ground

the door is very hot and it burnt my hand. “Michael replied

open the door for us. “pastor Joseph said from outside again

pastor! the door is very hot and it burnt my hand.”Michael said from inside still feeling pain on his hand

“I command you evil spirit who is preventing them to open the door to leave the door right now. “pastor Joseph prayed and placed his hand on the door, immediately a fire came out from it and disappeared

you can now open the door. “pastor Joseph ordered Michael

Am scared pastor, the door will burn my hand again. “Michael said from inside

nothing will happen to you, just open the door. “pastor Joseph said as he continue to pray with Franca outside. At first Michael was afraid to touch the door but later he gathered courage and open the door for the pastor.

when pastor Joseph and Franca came inside, they saw Tina on the ground.

what happened to you ? pastor Joseph asked

I fell down when I wanted to open the door for you people and couldn’t get up. “Tina explained while still on the ground

hmm…. the demon is at work, but first I will pray for you, so that you can get back to your feet. “pastor Joseph said and then he started praying for Tina, he prayed and prayed, after that he rubbed her olive oil on her leg and command her to stand up which she did and from there she started walking again.

“Apart from you and your son, is there any other person inside? pastor Joseph asked

Yes my baby. “Tina replied

so where is she now? he asked again

she is in the sitting room playing, but this one you are seriously asking after my baby, I hope there is no problem? Tina asked confusedly

There is a big problem, take me to your sitting room. pastor Joseph said and then Tina took him to the sitting room with Franca and Michael following them, when they got to the sitting room immediately jewel saw the pastor she started crying, as Tina was about to carry her, the pastor stopped her.

“If you touch her, she will kill you. “pastor Joseph said and Tina became very confuse on what the pastor was saying.

I don’t understand what you mean by that, how can you tell me not to carry my baby who is crying? Tina asked still confused

this is not a baby, but a demon in baby form, if you go near her you will die. “pastor Joseph said and started praying, while Franca joined him in the prayer, Michael just stood there dumbfounded.

pastor I don’t know what you are saying, my baby is crying I can’t just stand and watch her cry. “so as Tina wanted to go and carry the baby, immediately her baby turned into the scary old woman with a vulture head, when Tina saw this with shock she collapsed, even Franca who was also there got very scared.

How dare you step your feet into this house to interfer in my business, for this you shall pay with your life. “the old woman angrily said

there is nothing you can do, you demon from the pit of hell, Iam the servant of God and he sent me to save this family from your hands, so therefore you can not stop me from what the Lord sent me to do, I shall destroy you today by the power of God .”pastor Joseph said to the old woman and started praying again, while Franca joined him in the prayer but she was somehow scared as she was praying, Michael stood there still shock on the whole thing that was going on there, while Tina was still unconscious.

Hahaha, you think that you can destroy me you mere mortal, you have bitten more than you can chew, you left me no choice but to kill. “the old woman said and then strench forth her hand and an arrow came out from her hand and hit the pastor on his leg and he staggered and screamed in pain.

Hahaha…. you mere mortal, you still have chance to go, is left for you to decide either you go and leave me to continue with my mission in this house or you prefer to die? the old woman said laughing devilish

“no way!! I must fulfill what God sent me to do in this house which is to destroy you and set this family free from your hands. in the mighty name of Jesus, I command you craftiness to work against you, for I am the servant of God, no weapon fashion against me shall prosper, I command fire from above to consume you right now. “pastor Joseph prayed and a fire came out from nowhere and struck the old woman which make her to staggered and screamed, with annoyance the old woman strench her hand again and another arrow came out from it and hit Franca on her chest and she fell down shaking, when pastor Joseph saw this, he did all he could to save Franca but to no avail and Franca later died. Michael who have been there watching all this became very scared, while Tina on the other hand was still unconscious on the ground.

Now that I have killed your prayer warrior, what more can you do? the old woman laughed devlishly again

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