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The Unknown Attack – Season 1 – Episode 16

Episode 16

“Pastor Joseph said and after that Franca went home but feeling very worried for her friend, as she got home, she decided to call Tina to be sure that she was okay.

“hello Tina. “she said immediately Tina picked the call

how are you Franca? Tina asked over the phone

am fine, I did not see you in the crusade as we agreed. “Franca said and then Tina explained everything to her

so you mean that all this happened today ? Franca asked surprisedly

yes my sister ooo… the enemy want to strike again but thank God they didn’t succeed. “Tina said

hmm… thank God for that, so how is the children? Franca asked

they are fine, Michael is sleeping, and jewel is here with me playing with her toys. “Tina said

ok I called to know whether you are okay this one I did not see you in the crusade, and also me and my pastor will be coming to your house tomorrow morning because he told me that he had a revelation about you. “Franca said

revelation!! what revelation? Tina asked

Don’t worry, when we come tomorrow morning you will know, even me I don’t really know the revelation he is talking about .”Franca said

ok no problem, I will be expecting you and your pastor tomorrow morning. “Tina said and Franca ended the call

“my baby! this one you are looking at me as if you know who am speaking with over the phone, okay is aunty Franca she said that she will be coming with her pastor tomorrow morning. “Tina said to her baby who was busy playing with her toys and also looking at her smiling.

The next day morning around 8am, Tina was with her children in the sitting when a knock came on the door and it was pastor Joseph and Franca knocking, although they encountered many things on their way coming but overcome it before they got to the house. As they were still knocking Tina got up to know who was at the door, as she was heading towards the door she fell down, so she wanted to get up and she fell down again but this time she couldn’t get up, she tried all she could to get up but it seems that she have broke her leg

Meanwhile pastor Joseph and Franca was at the door still knocking.

Ah….. what is still keeping her from opening the door for us? Franca asked no one in particular

The demon is at work, sister Tina is me pastor Joseph, please open the door for us .”he said from outside

please Tina open the door for us. “Franca also said

I can’t get up it seems I have broke my leg, please you people should help me. “Tina cried from inside

tell your son Michael to open the door. “pastor Joseph said and immediately he started praying outside with Franca

Michael! Michael!! please come. “Tina called her son and he came out to answer his mother, but was surprised on seeing his mother on that state.

mummy what happened to you? why are you on the ground? Michael asked surprisedly

I fell on the ground when I wanted to open the door but couldn’t get up again, go and open the door for pastor. “Tina said and immediately her son went to the door, as he wanted to open it the door burnt his hand and he screamed

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