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The Unknown Attack – Season 1 – Episode 15

Episode 15

When she got inside the hospital, she saw one of the nurse who directed her to the doctor’s office, so the doctor check the baby.

“Madam! there is nothing wrong with your baby, her temperature is okay. “the doctor said after he examined the baby

but doctor!! I know what am saying, when we were still in the church premises her body was very hot but immediately the bike man dropped us in front of this hospital her temperature became normal, am really confuse because this is strange. “Tina said

you don’t have to be confused, that is children for you. “the doctor said smiling

hmm….. since you said that there is nothing wrong with my baby, no problem I have to rush back to the crusade because I don’t want to miss it. “Tina said and immediately jewel cast a spell on the doctor

no,no,no…… you don’t have to go back to the crusade because your baby need rest, so take her home .”the doctor said strangely and Tina became very surprised of the doctor’s sudden attitude

But doctor!! I thought you said that my baby is okay, why telling me to take her home? she asked surprisedly

nothing just take her home, she need rest. “the doctor said, so Tina have no other choice but to go home. when she got home, she began to think of everything that happened to her baby right from the church and in the hospital.

“something is not right here, why is it that when we got in front of the church that jewel’s body got hot, but on getting in front of the hospital her temperature became normal, even the doctor who was talking fine suddenly change and started behaving strangely when I mentioned to go back to the crusade, something is definitely wrong, does this whole thing have anything to do with my baby jewel? no I don’t think so because jewel is still a baby of one year that doesn’t know anything yet, but I still remember about the dream my late husband told me about our baby turning into an old scary woman that almost stabbed him in his dream, not only that two days ago I asked Michael to go and check jewel who was sleeping, not too long that he went inside he screamed, but when I asked him of what made him to scream and he said nothing, ever since then he is not going close to his sister again, to show that something is wrong and today the doctor who behave strangely, hmm…. let it don’t be what am thinking .”Tina thought to herself and later she waved off the whole thought from her mind.

Back in the church after the crusade, the pastor stopped Franca when she was about to go.

your friend you told me about didn’t come to the crusade again? pastor Joseph asked

yes pastor! am even surprised that she didn’t make it to the crusade today .”Franca replied

hmm… I have a revelation about that your friend when the crusade was going on, a demon is living with her in the house, and that same demon is the one who have been responsible for all the mysterious things and death happening around her, as am talking to you now the demon is planning to kill she and her son in the next two days to accomplish her mission in that house. “pastor Joseph said

OMG!! but where did the demon come from? please pastor do something to save my friend and her children. “Franca pleaded

your friend brought the demon into her home without she knowing do to desperation. that is the problem with human beings, anywhere they hear that they are performing miracles they will rush to that place without thinking twice if the miracle is from God or not, all they are after is miracle. “pastor Joseph said

pastor I don’t understand all this you are saying, what has this miracle of a thing got to do with the demon behind all this things happening to my friend? Franca asked

my dear it has many things to do with what have been happening to your friend because that is where her problem started, but don’t worry I will do something to save she and her son and not children. “pastor Joseph said and Franca became more confused of his statement

I don’t understand pastor, my friend have two surviving children, a boy and a girl but you keep on mentioning only her son .”Franca said confusedly

you will not understand, anyway first thing tomorrow morning you will take me to her house because if I don’t go there tomorrow your friend and her son will die .”pastor Joseph said

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