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The Unknown Attack – Season 1 – Episode 13

Episode 13

My dear! nothing will happen to me as far as I believe in God, so try and come to the crusade with your children .”Franca insisted and Tina finally agreed to come to the crusade in three days time with her children.

The next day afternoon, Tina was washing her children’s cloth, while Michael her seven years son was playing in the compound, so Tina called him and he went to answer his mother

Go and check if your sister have wake up. “Tina said

“but mummy!! it have not been long that jewel slept, I don’t think that she have wake up by now .”Michael said as he don’t want to go because of the play he was playing

just go and check her first because I don’t want her to cry like yesterday when she woke up from sleep, go and check before you continue with your play. “Tina yelled and then Michael went to check his sister, on getting there he forcefully opened the door to check his sister, but what he saw shocked him, he saw the scary old woman with a vulture head sitting on the bed with fear he screamed which made Tina to rushed inside but before she could rush inside the old woman had already erased the memory of Michael so that he can not remember anything after that she turned back into their baby and lie down on the bed sleeping.

Michael!! what is it? why did you screamed? Tina asked and Michael became confused on what to say because he didn’t remember anything about the scary old woman he saw.

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