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The unfaithful wife – Season 1 – Episode 37 [Completed]

The unfaithful wife

The unfaithful wife

The unfaithful wife – Season 1 – Episode 37


Calmly, I told them I had decided to let
my wife back into the marriage. The two
stared at me as if I was a ghost.
“Daddy! What did you just say?” Efe
asked me. Smiling, I repeated what I had
said. She and John stared at each other
as if I was talking gibberish and then Efe
began to cry as she showered praises
on me.

“Oh God! Thank you, God! Thank you!
Thank you for listening to my prayers, you’re God, nobody like you, thank you God”

she kept on repeating. I got her to get
up and calm down.

“So, when is madam coming, Daddy, when, today?”

she asked. I could see the sparkle in her

“Can’t tell now. But she will be coming” I
said. Then I said I had to go have my
bath so I stood up. The meeting came to
an end.

I had just gotten back to my bedroom
when my phone rang. The number on it
indicated it was my wife. I hesitated and
then picked the call.

“Daddy, Mummy is here. We have told
her that you have forgiven her but she
won’t believe us. So, please tell her” Peter

I was proud of my son. Though still
young, he was doing everything
possible to bring his father and mother
back together. Of course, it was obvious
that his mother had not told him or his
sister what she did. And despite my
anger, I also did not wish her to tell
them. I did not want the children to
know what their mother did. It will take
away her honor in their eyes. I smiled.
Then Nora came on the line.
“Isaac” she said
“I am sorry, I am so sorry. Please, I don’t know what came over me, I was a big fool, I am really disappointed you, please for God sake, please ”

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“I have forgiven you” I said. There was
silence. I could hear her sobbing. I

“Thank you, darling. Thank you so much.
I will never disappoint you again.
I am grateful” she said finally. I said
nothing more. There was silence again
and then she asked if she could come
back home.

“Yes” I replied. Again, there was a pause.
More sobs. I kept quiet. Then my son

“Daddy, we are coming back home
tonight. Right now! Right now” he
screamed excitedly.

Okay, Peter. I will be waiting to see you
and Pamela” I said.
“And Mummy” he added.
“Of course yes, and Mummy” I said.
“Daddy, do you still love her?” he asked
me. If there was anybody I loved that
moment, it was my son.
“Yes, I love her” I replied. I heard him
scream in delight as he ended the call.
I suddenly felt a bit empty. Then against
my wish, I broke down in tears and
cried my heart out. For close to thirty
minutes, all I could do was weep. In
order not to be heard crying, I later
went to my bathroom, stripped and got
under the shower. Under the shower, as
I bathed, I wept. By the time I had come
out, I felt okay.

I had barely finished dressing when I
heard a knock on my door. Expecting
that it was Efe coming over to tell me
food was ready, I hurried to the door
and opened it. Lo and behold, standing
there was my estranged wife with our
two children.

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“Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!” the two children
screamed out in unison as they jumped
into my arms. I curled my hands around
them as tears of joy began to trickle
down my cheeks.

They were my children; my biological
children; bone of my bone, flesh of my
flesh and blood of my blood. And, every
attempt had been made to deny them
their father.

I held on to them tightly. They were
more important to me than all the gold
and diamonds in the world. They were
more important to me than I was to

Finally, I put them down. Screaming, they
run to my bed, jumped on it and began
to play as they used to do. Seeing them
at play made me realize that the good
old days were back. I turned to Nora.
She was on her knees and in tears. Her
eyes looked puffy.

“Isaac, I am a fool, big fool. I don’t deserve….” She

“Ssshhhh!” I said, stopping her from
talking. Holding her hands, I got her to
her feet, pulled her close to me and
kissed her on the lips. She literally melted
into my arms as she began to cry again.
Over to my right, I saw Efe and John,
standing by the TV, looking at us and
smiling. I nodded to them, smiling back, l thank them for the roll they played in my life. It is time for prayer.


The End…..

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