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The unfaithful wife – Season 1 – Episode 31

The unfaithful wife

The unfaithful wife

The unfaithful wife – Season 1 – Episode 31

This time, the doctor did not require my
semen. He switched on some of the
equipment, asked me to stand on one
and place all five fingers of my right
hand on a scanner. I did. We waited. My
fingers appeared on a TV screen. We all
waited. About two minutes later, a green
light began to beep on the screen.
“Finished” he said and then turned to
my lawyer. “Your man is very fertile and very
okay. I will
print the result of this test for you” he
said. Relief swept through my entire
body. I felt weak at the knees Dr.
Chimaobi printed the result for us. Then
we all returned to his Consulting Room.
He sat down and explained to us the
process he used to determine whether I
was fertile or not.
“As you can see, Dr. Ofori-Mensah is very
fertile. We have here the latest and most
advanced equipment in the world for
testing the fertility of both men and
women. The green light which beamed
indicated he is fertile. If the light had
turned red, it would have meant he is
not fertile,” the doctor said.

I was jubilant! I was fertile after all. This
meant that I could father a child. I
resolved to do another DNA test and
quietly prayed that the result, like the
fertility test, would also prove that I was
the biological father of Peter and Pamela.
Lawyer Oscar Brew thanked Dr. Chimaobi Igwe .

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Then we left. At the car park, the lawyer
told me he smells a conspiracy against

“I am willing to bet that the DNA test
which was presented to the court was
false. Somebody made sure the wrong
results was written. I am going to find
this out and if true, we shall sue the
hospital and the individuals involved,” he

Though I nodded in agreement, I really
did not care about suing anybody. To
have found out that I was fertile after all
and that was very good news for me. All
that I wanted now was to have another
DNA test and be told the result proves I
was the biological father of my children.
“We are going to sue each of the health
facilities GH¢20million each if it turns out
that they lied. The doctors too who
supervised it will be sued GH¢2million
each” he said, beaming with smiles. I
could see that as far as he was
concerned, he had hit a jackpot. His next
statement confirmed this.

Dr. OforiMensah, we need to sign an
agreement. If our suspicions turn out to
be true and we sue them, my law firm
will receive 40% of the total amount of
money we sue them for when you are
paid. Agreed?” he asked me.
I nodded happily. He said in that case,
there was the need for us to return to
his office and sign the agreement. So,
we headed for his office where the
agreement was written and signed. I
really was not interested in the money. I
was interested in being told I am the
biological father of Peter and Pamela.
Three days later, I received a call from
Lawyer Oscar Brew. He said he had filed
an appeal at a High Court in the face of
the new evidence we had. The case was
scheduled for a week’s time. He
informed me that Nora’s lawyers had
been served.
“Okay, but my ex-wife is out of the
country with the children” I said.
“No. they are back in the country. They
are living at North Legon in a house
bought for your wife by your friend,
Edwin and do you know that your
friend is no more?” he said.

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How, when, what happened? ” Edwin died in motor accident”. I was surprised at this
information from my lawyer.
“Oh! I see! How did you get to know all
this?” I asked him, impressed.
“Well, alongside our law chambers, we
ran an investigative agency. We use it to
fish out needed information that will
assist our cases at the court. I can tell
you for now that we have placed
surveillance on your ex-wife with our
team of investigators so we know
where she is at any particular time” he

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