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The unfaithful wife – Season 1 – Episode 30

The unfaithful wife

The unfaithful wife

The unfaithful wife – Season 1 – Episode 30

It was agreed that I will have another
fertility test the next day. Lawyer Oscar
Brew will however not mention the
name of the hospital to me. Obviously,
he wanted to make sure that I would
not know the hospital so that if I had
manipulated the two that had given me
a clean bill of health, I will not be able to
do the same where he was taking me to.
I left his office that day very hopeful. We
drove back home. I called my hospital to
find out how my colleagues were doing.
“We are doing well, Isaac. We can’t wait
to have you back. We hope you will solve
whatever problem has plagued you so
you return to work sound and happy”.
Dr. Boateng, one of my colleagues at the
hospital where I worked said.

That evening, after supper, John, Efe and
I sat in the living room to discuss the
latest development.

“I am really surprise, Daddy. So does it
mean that the result from the first
fertility centre was wrong?” Efe asked.
She was as happy as a happy puppy.
“Hopefully, it may also turn out that the
result of the DNA tests too were wrong”
John said, smiling.

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“That is what I am hoping will be the
case. I will ask my lawyer if the court will
grant us a second DNA test. You may
never know,” I opined.

We went on and on about the
possibilities. The prospects that I may be
the biological father of Peter and Pamela
after all, kept me excited. Then I noticed
Efe was yawning. I said it was time to
call it a day. We all got up, bade each
other good night and headed for our
respective bedrooms.

The next morning, I was up very early
only to find that my driver was already
up and waiting for me. I quickly had my
bath and dressed up, hopeful that the
day will be fruitful. We left the house
before 7:00 a.m., after our morning devotion,
arriving at Lawyer
Oscar Brew’s office at 7:20 a.m. He was
waiting for us in his car. The moment he
saw us, he signalled us to follow him.

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Then starting his engine, he got going.
We followed. Ten minutes later, we
arrived at the Ave Maria International
Hospital. I knew the place. It was a
private facility, one of the best in town.
We parked the car and followed Lawyer
Oscar Brew inside. We went down a
corridor and came to a door. On the
door was written Dr. Chimaobi igwe. He
knocked, opened and entered.

Dr. Chimaobi welcomed us. He was a tall
and lanky man. He was a Nigerian but ,
was a trained German Doctor.
Apparently, my lawyer had already
briefed him about our mission. He got
up and asked that we follow him. We
did. A few seconds later, we found
ourselves in a laboratory. There were all
kinds of sophisticated gadgets there,
some, even as a medical doctor, that I
had not seen before.

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