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The unfaithful wife – Season 1 – Episode 26

The unfaithful wife

The unfaithful wife

The unfaithful wife – Season 1 – Episode 26

The doctor looked up at me without a
smile. My heart sunk. For me, it was
indicative of the fact that the original
test was right; I was infertile. I had
somehow been hoping that the test
would prove that I was fertile because it
will likely mean that I was the biological
father of Peter and Pamela. But alas! In
that few seconds before she spoke, her
expression was enough of an answer to
me. I psyched myself up for the worse.
“Well, sir. The result indicates you are
very fertile. You should have no problem
fathering a child or children,” she said.
Her assertion was like sweet music to
my ears.

“Madam, you mean that I can father a
child?” I asked her.

“Yes, Dr. Ofori-Mensah,” she replied.
I nearly hugged her in my delight as I
whisked the results of the test from her

“Thank you Dr. eh…” I stumbled. I did
not know her name.
“Shirley Brobbey,” she said.

“Dr. Shirley Brobbey, I am very grateful
for your assistance. Thank you very
much”, I said, smiling. Then I walked out
of her consulting room and then half
walked, half ran to the car where John
was waiting for me eagerly.

“John, I am fertile. I am very fertile,” I
said, waving the results at him. He
beamed with a smile and screamed
“yes!” while punching the air.
“This first of all calls for celebration,
John. Call Efe, tell her the good news and
tell her to join us at the Great
Ambassador Hotel now. Let’s go!” I said,

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On the way to the hotel, I talked about
going to see my lawyers once more with
the new result of my fertility test.
“I am confident that it will turn out also
that the result of the DNA test was also
wrong and that I am the biological
father of Peter and Pamela. That will give
me the joy of a life time. It is possible,
John. It is possible!” I said, excitedly.
We soon arrived at the Great
Ambassador hotel. We made our way to
their restaurant where I ordered food
and drinks that even six people could
not consume. Efe, joined us ten minutes
after we arrived. She was the one who
pointed out that what I had ordered
was too much. She quickly followed up
to the reception to make new orders.
Then she returned to the table.

We spent about an hour at the
restaurant. I had never been so happy in
my life. Every now and then, I will reach
inside my pocket to make sure that the
result of the fertility test that proved I
was fertile was there; it was worth more
than a $500 billion cheque to me.
When we left the restaurant, I directed
John to drive to Number 6 Lollipop
Avenue, Glo Estate, to the chamber of
Lawyer Oscar Brew. A few minutes later,
I was seated before him, wielding the
results of the fertility test proudly.
“Well, well, well, Dr. Ofori-Mensah, what
brings you here again? I am sorry I
could not help you the previous time you
were here,” he said.

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I smiled. Then I handed the result slip in
my hand to him. They were two slips.

The first was the result from the test
ordered by Dr. Dan Adams and the
second was the result of the one done
at the St. Michael’s hospital. He read both
quietly. Finally, he looked up at me, a wry
smile on his face.

“Well, well, well! I smell something fishy
going on. I sense that the chickens are
coming back home to roost. Somebody
out there has a lot of explanation to do.
Here we go. I am going to demand a
third test from you from a hospital that I
will choose. Then we will proceed from
there” he said. I nodded. I knew why he
wanted a third test from a hospital of
his choice: he wanted to be sure I had
not manipulated the results I had
handed over to him.

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