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The unfaithful wife – Season 1 – Episode 19

The unfaithful wife

The unfaithful wife

The unfaithful wife – Season 1 – Episode 19

When I returned home, the two persons
who had become my confidants, John
and Efe, sat with me to discuss the latest
development. Everyone was enthusiastic
about the fertility treatment I was going
to go through.

“I cannot wait for you to complete it, sir.
Then you can have your own children,
your own flesh and blood,” John said.
“Well, I must be grateful to the two of
you. Without you, it would not have
been possible. The doctor there has
assured me that within a month, the
treatment will be completed,” I said.
Efe said what excited her most was the
fact that the whole treatment will not
involve orthodox medicine or injections.
I was going to be on diet and will be
taking some herbal drinks and food
supplements. I nodded in agreement.
We all, in our moment of excitement, did
not think about who was going to be
my partner to give birth to my children.
We had very light supper that evening.

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Then we relaxed in the living room to
watch TV. After watching the latest
Ghanaian film, I left the two for my
bedroom. But before I could enter, I
suddenly felt urge to have a look at Peter
and Pamela’s room. I retraced my steps
down the corridors, virtually tip-toeing
because I did not want to alert John and
Efe about where I was going. They
would definitely have followed me there
if they knew I was going there. But, I
wanted to be there alone.

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I got to the door and gently opened it.
Immediately I did, the scent of my
children reached me. With my heart
beating wildly, I pushed open the door
and entered. Their presence was

Their picture, mounted on huge frames
looked down at me from the wall.
I stared back at them, their smiles. Their
innocent smiles were everywhere. And
their eyes bore into me as if they were
appealing to me not to let go off them. I
opened their wardrobe; they dresses
hanged in there while their shoes were
arranged on the shoe rack. Pamela’s
teddy bear lay quietly and sadly on her

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