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The unfaithful wife – Season 1 – Episode 16

The unfaithful wife

The unfaithful wife

The unfaithful wife – Season 1 – Episode 16

Didn’t they have some resemblance to
me? On countless occasions, many
people had talked about how Peter in
particular resembles me. Yet, tests had
proved that he was not my biological
child. Even worse, I was not fertile
enough to father a child. I sighed,
feeling very depressed.

At 5:00am, I finally left the room and
sneaked back to mine. I quickly had a
shower after which I phoned a private
detective I knew. I told him about my
estranged wife and my children. Then I
asked him if he could trace where my
wife now lives with the children.

“No problem boss” he replied. His name
was E.C. Otoo. He had been my friend for
years but I had never taken his business
seriously. Private Investigators thrive in
advanced countries, not in countries like
Ghana. At least, so I thought. Now, I
needed him desperately.

We discussed how much it will cost me
and quickly settled on a figure. He,
however, will receive payment only after
he had successfully carried out the task
entrusted to him.

That morning, I told John and Efe that I
was going to teach them how to play
tennis. They were surprised. Efe’s
countenance indicated that she was not
enthusiastic about the idea. She was a
very reserved person.

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“Efe, all work and no play will make you
a dull person. Let us get out and have
some fun. Tennis is fun” I told her.

Reluctantly, she went to change into a
sports wear. We all immediately set off
for the tennis club.

Only a few people were present when
we arrived. This enabled me ample
opportunity to teach them how to play
tennis. John grasped the rudiments
faster than Efe. Within an hour, they
were playing against each other.We
spent two hours at the tennis club
before we finally returned home.

Hardly had we reached home when my
phone rang. It was Otoo, the
investigator. He said he had spent the
entire morning in search of my wife and
the children and had discovered that the
children had been flown out of the

I was crestfallen and heartbroken. Nora
had sent the children beyond my reach. I
went to my room, fell on the bed and
burst into tears. I was still crying when
Efe came to knock on the door.
“Food is ready, sir. Yam and palaver
sauce!” she announced cheerfully.

Steadying my voice, I told her I will be
out soon. I went to the bathroom, had
my bath and later emerged from the
bedroom to dine with John and Efe. I
could see they were in high spirits. The
tennis had done them a lot of good.

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We had our meal together. Over the
meal, John popped out the multi-billion
dollar question.

“Sir, I am confident that your fertility
treatment will yield positive results. Who
will be the lucky woman to be the
mother of your biological children?” he

The question took me by surprise. I
could see it took Efe too by surprise. I
paused for a while and then shrugged,
saying if we get to the river, we will
know how to cross it.

The idea of me marrying again was not
that which appealed to me. I loved Nora
so much so after what she had done to
me, I did not see the need to fall in love
with another woman.

After that question, there was silence as
we ate, each person buried in thought.
Finally, we finished eating. I returned to
my study to read but just as I was
getting engrossed in what I was
reading, my phone rang. I picked the call
to be greeted by a familiar voice.

“Peter!” I screamed out, dropping the
book in my hand”.

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