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the unexpected catch – Season 3 Episode 8 [Completed]

Episode eight

I closed my eyes as she sucked on my balls, first one then on the other. The next thing I knew she was instinctively licking up the shaft.

As she rubbed her cheek against the side of my cock, she looked into my eyes, as if waiting for instructions, but when none were forthcoming. She licked around under the enlarged swollen head of my cock, causing me to groan, “AHHHH put it in your mouth and suck it.”

She ginned up at me mischievously as she licked up, and then down, the length of my cock again, and asked,” am I doing this right?”

“Ooooh yesss Rita keep doing what you’re doing!” I groaned,

She looked at me with a wicked smile on her face and a sparkle in her big beautiful brown eyes.

As she flicked the tip of her tongue against the head of my dick, then she swirled it around the head. She looked at me mischievously again, licked her lips, opened her mouth and slowly teasingly eased the head of my cock into her warm wet mouth. Then she began sucking on it, like it was a big thick Popsicle.

The wicked erotic stimulations she was giving me with her soft lips wrapped around my pulsing pole with her soft tongue, rubbing back and forth under the head of cock as she bobbed her head up and down on my aching cock, were causing me to groan uncontrollably moaning,” OH God Yesss, that’s it.”

She was softly moaning, “Mmm, mmm, as she sucked my cock. Every now and then I’d push my dick a little too far into her mouth, causing her gulp, gag, and drool. She’d pull her mouth off my dong and wipe her teary eyes and the salvia off her mouth, with the back of her hand. Then she’d go right back down on it.

I was losing it quickly and started begging her to suck it, harder and faster. She obliged the next thing I knew I felt the rumbling in my balls, as my orgasm was rapidly building up, in my nuts. I could the feel my sperm starting to erupt in my testicles and begin to spurt up the shaft of my cock.

I closed my eyes, leaned my head back, as my orgasm overtook me. The first blast of my jizz went right down her throat. She gulped and gagged as she sucked it down. Then she quickly pulled her head back, popping my sperm spurting dick out of her mouth.

I reached down and stroked my cock to finish my orgasm. I didn’t think I was ever going to stop coming, I kept stroking and shooting gobs and gobs sperm out the end of dick, splattering my huge load of semen, all over her.

When I finally stopped ejaculating and opened my eyes. I looked down at Rita, and seen the mess I made all over her face. She had sperm in her hair, a big gob of cum was hanging off the tip of her nose. She had jizz all over her cheeks and mouth. She even had some of my jizz dripping off her chin onto her chest and tits.

Rita was looking up at me, with a startled surprised look on her face, it wasn’t a happy look, or a pissed off look! She just didn’t look pleased…

I was exhausted, I couldn’t seem to catch my breath, but I couldn’t help myself, and I burst out laughing, as I looked down at her.

She made a face at me, and then she said in serious voice,” We are never going to do that perverted stuff again!” then she started laughing too, in spite of herself.

I turned around and slid down the shower wall and sat down on the floor beside her. I put my arm around her and pulled her against me. We just sat there for a few minutes with the warm water running over our bodies.

Rita and I quickly became friends. But we had our differences; we had a lot of differences.

The end………..

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