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the unexpected catch – Season 3 Episode 7

Episode seven

Rita had her hands on top of my head as I kissed and sucked on the creamy soft flesh of her inner tights. When I started kissing and licking around her plump vagina. She entangled her fingers in my hair, and unconsciously, started to rock her hips back and forth rubbing her sweet musty smelling snatch against my face.

I took the soapy warm wet wash clothe and pressed it firmly against her vagina causing Rita to gasp for breath panting passionately,” Oh God Honey Please don’t do that. It’s so nasty, Ohhh you shouldn’t. Ahhh, ahhh, Ohhh God that feels so good… please don’t stop…”

I dropped the wash clothe and spread her inner pussy lips open with my thumbs, I licked her slit from back to front, than back down to her tunnel of love. I darted my tongue into her, causing her to moan and groan uncontrollably uttering a lot of, “Mmm’s and ahhh’s.”

I lapped up and down her snatch a few more times. As I kissed the front of her cunt, I could feel Rita’s legs beginning to quiver. I heard her mumbling and panting,” Oh God, no don’t do that, ahhh, ohhh nooo, don’t…”

I ignored her and gently pushed the hood over her clitoris back, exposing her swollen pink pearl. I tenderly kissed her swollen clit and gently licked it up and down, and round and round.

Rita tried to protest, but her words of protest, failed as I continued to lick her engorged clitoris bring her to first oral orgasm.

Rita went nuts, pulling my hair, trying to shove my head further between her soft warm thighs as she bucked her pelvis wildly against my face, mumbling incoherently.

Her whole body was convulsing as her orgasm over took her.

She was still mumbling as she pushed my head from between her quivering thighs, and slid down the wall of the shower until she was sitting on the floor in front of me, gasping and panting, as she tried to get her breath back.

I smiled at her as I asked, “Did you like that Honey?” She just nodded her head up and down in answer to my question. Rita looked up into my eyes, wrapped her arms around my neck, put her head on my shoulder and mumbled something, about me not listening to her!

After a while she took her head off my shoulder, sucked her breath and said, “Oh God Honey, you are such a pervert, but that was absolutely incredible. I never did that before. Now I want to do that to you. Stand up, and tell me what to do?”

“Okay,” I said, as I stood up and starred down at her, for a moment, and then I said,” Honey, just do what comes naturally!”

As I stood there in front of her, Rita moved around and sat up on her heels. She looked up at me. Then she looked at my swollen dong. Shrugged her shoulders, grabbed my penis looked at it strangely! Leaned over, kissed the tip of my dick, looked up at me again, then she licked it under the knob like it was a big red lollipop.

Rita curiously pushed my dick upward against my abdomen, and glanced at my balls. She looked into my eyes as she licked my hairy testicles, then she sucked one of my nuts into her mouth, and moaned,” Mmmm.”

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