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the unexpected catch – Season 3 Episode 5

Episode five

Rita looked at me with her big brown eyes, as if to ask what’s wrong. I smiled at her and said softly, “We need to get undressed and take our shower.” She just stood there looking at me bewilderedly and said,” Okay!”

She stood there, starring at me wantonly, with her mouth slightly open, as I undone the buttons on her sweater and pushed it off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor. She looked awesome standing there in her tight jeans and the black bra, she was wearing.

I couldn’t help myself and cupped her breasts and caressed them. Rita closed her eyes and sucked in breath, and let it out with a heavy passionate sigh.

The sexy lacy black bra that she was wearing had a clasp in the front of it. My eyes were glued to her ample cleavage. Rita was proudly smiling at me as she asked, “Do you like them?” I just licked my lips and nodded my head up and down in answer to her question.

Rita, blushed, giggled, and called me a pervert.

My hands went right to the clasp on the front of her bra. She grinned at me wickedly as I opened her bra and her full breasts spilled out of it. Her big full boobs had just slight sag to them, but they were firm and perky and her large nipples were already hard and swollen.

I couldn’t resist, I cupped and squeezed her full tits as I roughly rugged the tips of my thumbs over her nipples. Rita sighted as she said, “It’s my turn, I want to take off your shirt, and see your chest.”

She pulled my tee shirt out of my jeans and up over my head in one quick swift motion. She smiled wickedly at me, as she said, “Wow you’re all muscles. ” Then she leaned over and nipped the hot spot between my neck and shoulders whispering, “Honey I want to feel your hard chest against my bare breasts.”

My dick so was hard I though I was going to explode in my jeans. I put my hands on her cheeks and pulled her towards me. I turned her head to the side, closed my eyes, as I covered her soft warm lips with mine, and forced my tongue between her lips, into her mouth.

Rita, gasped, moaned,” Mmmm, mmm.” Then she swirled her tongue around mine as our bodies molded themselves together in a passionate embrace. Her tits flatten against my chest; it felt like her nipples were burning into me.

Rita responded by gently nipping my tongue and holding it in place with her teeth as she rubbed the tip of her tongue back and forth a-crossed the tip of my tongue. She placed her hands on my ass, and began kneading my buns, as she forced her tongue deep into my mouth.

When I pulled my mouth off hers, Rita looked at me again, in disbelief! I gave her my best devilish grin as I kissed her on the forehead and said,” Oh No, not yet. We need to take our shower first, Rita. I want to see and explore every inch of your beautiful body.”

She blushed and giggled like a school girl, as she parroted me, and said, “Then I want to wash and explore every inch of your body too.”

We stood there for a moment, looking strangely into each others eyes again. We were talking with our eyes, but I didn’t know what we were saying to each other!

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