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the unexpected catch – Season 3 Episode 2

Episode two

I felt good, I felt really good, as I looked down at him, I felt like a freaking hero or something.

Then I said, “Look Ronny I’m not fucking around with you. If you don’t leave Rita alone, I’ll call your White Supremacist Father in-law, and tell him, that you’re going around telling everybody that his baby girl is shacking with some black guy.”

I stood there for a moment, letting Ronny absorb my words, and then I smirked down at him and said like a tough guy, “You know Ronny, I do not think your Father In-law would like to hear that you offered to pimp off his daughter to me, either.”

I was bullying this bastard, and I was enjoying myself doing it. Then I said, “You know Ronny, I know where your father in-law lives. His name and address are always in the news papers!”

Ronny looked up at me with fear in his teary red eyes as he, “Please man, don’t say anything to him, that crazy son of a bitch, will kill me! If he ever heard that I said anything like that, about his precious baby girl.”

Then I remembered, what he said about giving the girls he date raped hickeys, to remember him by.

I wanted to kill him, I wanted to stomp on him, and I wanted to kick his ugly freaking face in. But somehow or other I managed to keep myself under control and said, “Ronny when you look in the mirror, and see your broken nose and those black eyes. I want you to remember me.”

Ronny said,” Okay, Okay man, don’t fucking worry about it, were cool right? I already forgot all about her. I don’t want anymore trouble with you! But please buddy, do not say anything to my Father in-law!”

I gave him a discussed look and said,” Now give me your freaking cell phone.” My insides were trembling and I was afraid that I was going to go into a violent red rage and really hurt that bastard.

Ronny, looked up at me and started to say something, but he changed his mind, took one hand off his aching nuts, reached into his pants pocket, pulled out his cell phone, and handed it to me.

I found a lot of discussing pictures, of young girls, that looked like they were either unconscious, or dead, laying naked on top of a dirty bed, in a cheap motel room, with semen all over their legs and lower bellies.

I finally found Rita’s pictures and phone number and I deleted them. I was going to delete the rest of the pictures and phone numbers. But I started to hear a commotion coming from the back of the hospital, and the parking lot lights, were coming on.

I dropped his phone his chest, looked down at him and said,” Ronny I don’t ever want to see, or hear from you again. If I do, you’ll regret it.”

Then I turned and hurried back through the trees, jumped over a fence, scurried through a couple of back yards, until I came down the hill to the main street.

As I walked towards the McDonalds on Kimberly Avenue to get my car, I remember Ethan’s instructions. So I took out my cell phone, turned it on and called him.

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