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the unexpected catch – Season 3 [Episode 1 – 8]

The unexpected catch

The unexpected catch

De9jaSpirit Originals

Story Title: The Unexpected Catch

Episodes: 8

Category: romance, erotic

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Episode one

Ronny looked me over, put his cigarette in the corner of his mouth and said,” Are going to make me, Asshole?” With that said he put his hands on my shoulders and shoved. When I didn’t move backwards, he got a surprised look on his face.

Then this wild crazed expression came over his ugly red pot marked face, as he shouted angrily.” Screw you punk, I’ll fuck, anyone I want too, and it’s none of your freaking business. Now you stay away, from my fucking whores!”

Then he smirked and snickered, as if he was some kind of tough guy, and said” That is, unless you want to pay for some of their fine young tight pussies.”

Then he paused for a moment, and started grinning like he just though of something funny and said, “Kid for the right price. I’ll ever let you fuck my fat wife.” then he laughed and smirked at me.

I glared at him as I said, “Ronny, I’m not fucking around with you! Stay the hell away from her, or else!”

He took another puff on his cigarette, as he exhaled; he slammed his cigarette down on the ground.

Then he glared at me, spread his legs about shoulder width apart, raised arms, doubled up his fist, and took a wild swing at me, as he said,” come on punk, your asking for this…”

I brought my left arm up in a sweeping motion and easily brushed his punch to the side; I stepped forward; brought my right arm up, from my side, rolling my fist over, just like I was taught to do, so many years ago in my self defense classes, that I had to take, when I was in high school.

My punch slammed into Ronny’s open mouth mashing his lips back against his teeth, spilling his lips open, my second blow landed solidly on the bridge of his nose, breaking it, with a loud cracking sound.

Ronny’s head sapped back, causing him, to step backwards. He put his hands, up over his bloody face, trying to protect himself, from further punishment.

His legs were still shoulder width apart; as I stepped in, raised my knee up above my waist, turned my foot down towards the ground. Then I snapped my lower leg out, and upward, as hard, and as fast as I could, smashing the top of my foot into Ronny’s genitals, lifting him up off his feet.

Ronny screeched loudly in pain, as the top of my foot mashed into his private parts.

As I brought my foot back down to the ground. Ronny took his hands off his bleeding face, put them between his legs, and closed his thighs tightly around his hands, dropped down on his knees. Then he bend over forward until his forehead was touching the ground, moaning and groaning in agony, as he rolled over onto his side, and curled up in the fetal position, whimpering, “Ohhh, Ohhh God, my fucking my balls hurt.”

He just laid there on the ground, for a moment, whimpering and bleeding profusely from his broken nose and his spilt lips, holding his aching nuts, with a dazed confused look in his watery eyes, like he could not believe, what just happened to him! Then he looked up at me, in shocked disbelieve, as he said “Kid you really fucked me up, bad! Please don’t hurt me anymore.”

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