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the unexpected catch – Season 2 Episode 8 [Completed]

Episode eight

Ronny stood there for a couple of long minutes smoking and looking around the parking lot. When he saw that his car, had a flat tire, he swore loudly, “Ah Shit,” and then I heard him mumbling,” now what the fuck.” He was shaking his head in anger and frustration as he approached his old clunker.

I remained under the tree while he walked across the parking lot. When he got to his car, he kicked his front fender, and cursed, “Ah fucking son of a bitch…”

He didn’t see me as I walked out from under tree. When I go by his side, I tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Ronny I want to talk to you.”

I must have startled him; because he jumped, sucked in his breath and held it, as he turned around, until he was facing me. He had a surprised expression on his angry evil looking pot marked face. He looked me up and down trying to size me up. Then he asked boldly, with a snarl in his gravelly voice, trying to intimidate me. “Who the fuck, are you, and what the hell do you want with me, kid?”

He paused for moment, as a smirk came over his repulsive looking face as he said,” Ahhh, I know what the fuck, you want kid.”

Then he snickered, and grinned nastily at me, as he said in his raspy smokers voice,” I bet your girl friend won’t give you, any pussy! So you want to buy to some roofies from me, right?”

Then he smirked at me, and said knowingly, “Those freaking things really work, kid! I slipped them into the drinks of a few hot young broads that I picked up, on line.”

Then he laughed smugly as he said, “Then I took them to a cheap motel room.”

While he was nodding his head up and down; he snickered at me nastily, and said “I gave all those dumb young cunts a big red hickey, to remember me by, while I fucked the shit out of them.”

Ronny had an evil grin on his repulsive red pot marked face as he said in his gravelly voice,” Don’t worry about Kid, I’ve got the good stuff, that won’t turn color, when you drop it her drink!

How many, do you want, Kid? I got the real good stuff, stashed right here, under the front seat of my car. Oh yea, I got some other, good shit too. I got some weed, and I even got a little dope.”

I could feel my insides trembling with rage, but I remained outwardly calm as I replied in a stern voice, “Ronny, I want you to stay away from Rita, and stop bothering her. I also want you to delete her phone number and the pictures you told of her with your cell phone!”

My stomach was churning, and I could feel, my body, and hands starting to tremble with rage.

I don’t like confrontations. I’m really not a tough guy. But like most guys, I’ve had my fair share childhood fist fights. I’ve also had to spar in my karate classes, many years ago, when I was in high school.

I knew if Rita and I were ever going to have any kind of relationship. I had to take matters into my own hands and settle this once and for all. Because, I knew that scumbag, would never leave her along, if I didn’t.

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