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the unexpected catch – Season 2 Episode 7

Episode seven

Ethan glared at me, as he said sternly, “Meat, that guy’s dangerous. He is not only a registered sex offender; he is also a low-level drug dealer! To make matters worse, He is on probation now, for more drug related charges. So whatever, you do, do not fuck around with that asshole.

Believe me when I tell you this! I am going to fix that fucking bastard one way or another. Meat, Promise me you will call me the minute you get through talking with that prick! I want to know everything that he says and does.”

I looked at my friend curiously and wondered what he was planning on doing. One thing I know for sure about Ethan, is that you do not want to get on his wrong side, because he is one very smart, vindictive man!

Then I nodded in agreement with him and said, “Okay Ethan, I’ll call you the minute I get through talking to him, don’t worry about me. I’m a big boy.”

Then he handed me a printout with all of Ronny Petrillo’s pendant information on it. His picture and his physical description, He’s six feet three inches tall, and he weights, one hundred ninety-five pounds, and he has brown hair and eyes, his date of birth, 2/13/1970

There was also had a copy of his extensive police record.

It also contained his place of employment, what kind of car he drives, and his license plate number. His home address and his wife’s first name and her maiden name, and the names of there four children.

The printout also had some very interesting, useful information about his wife’s notorious father!

Ethan gave me an evil knowing grin and sniggered as he said,” You’re a crazy fuck, if you get arrested call me, and I’ll bail you out.”

t was foggy damp night and there wasn’t a visible star in the gray overcast skies above. I was lurking in the dark shadows under a big old weeping willow tree, listening to the crickets, chirping their mating calls. I usually love the peaceful serene sounds of the crickets. But not tonight; tonight, I had other more important things on my mine.

I was trying my best to blend into the darkness under that old weeping willow tree. I was dressed completely in dark clothes; I was wearing a dark blue Yankee baseball cap, a navy blue hooded sweat shirt, a pair of dark blue jeans, with a pair of black socks and a pair of black sneakers on my feet. I was even wearing a tight pair of black leather sports gloves.

The tree I was standing under was in the far corner of a parking lot, behind a depressing old nursing home for low income senior citizens. There was an old beat-up dirty gray dodge mini van, with a flat front tire, on the front driver’s side, parked in the corner of the parking lot, not far from where I was standing

I was watching the back door of this depressing old rundown convalescent hospital waiting for their orderly to finish his shift. I was so full of anxiety that I could hear my heart pounding in my ears, and my stomach was churning while I waited. I knew I had to confront this guy, and resolve the issues he was causing for Rita once and for all.

I saw the back door open as Ronny stepped out onto the back porch and light a cigarette. As he took a couple of quick puffs on his cancer stick, the red glow from the coffin nail illuminated his ugly red pot marked face.

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