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the unexpected catch – Season 2 Episode 5

Episode five

She was so hot and horny, that she panting and pleading, “Oh God Honey, please you’re driving me crazy I need you, to do it to me, now.” Then she pulled me over on top of her.

As I got on top of her, I held myself up over her by arms length, looked down into her eyes, and asked her again, “Are you sure?”

She nodded her head up and down, as she said in a slightly frustration voice,” Good God Honey, you are driving me nuts! Now will you please; do it to me?”

I took my cock in my hand and rubbed it over her vagina, as I grinned down at her and asked playfully, “Tell me what you want?”

Rita was breathless muttering, “Ooooh God Honey, Please I want this sooo bad and I’ve wanted you for so long. Now stop fooling around, and do it to me!”

When she felt the head of my cock slip between her moist pussy lips and nudge up against her tight wet opening, she sucked in her breath and sighted,” Please be gentle with me, Honey.”

In answer, I lovingly kissed her forehead, as I slowly eased the head of cock into her warm moist hole.

Rita’s eyes rolled back in her head in ecstasy, and she gripped the bedcovers. As felt me going into her, spreading her open, and filling her with my hard swelled manhood.

She bit my ear lobe and whispered, “Oh God Honey that feels so good. I …”

But she didn’t say anymore, as I pushed myself deeper into the depths of her womanhood; Rita wrapped her legs around my waist and began mumbling, and moaning in a low voice” Oh God Honey, Please push it, all the way into me.”

The deeper into her I went, the louder she moaned.

When the head of my man meat hit her cervix, she nipped my neck and gasped,” Oh Christ Meat that feels sooo good.”

As I slowly started sliding in and out of her, I noticed that every time, the head of my cock hit her cervix; she gasped and the muscles inside her love cannel would clamp tighter around my cock causing her to jerk her hips up sighing, “ahhh, ahhh, ahhh. That’s it Honey, do it harder. Please Honey, do it faster. I think I’m going to have an orgasm.”

Christ I was going insane from being inside this beautiful wanton wonderful woman; that I have wanted, for as long as I could remember. I could not help myself, I wanted to be gentle and loving with her, but knowing that she liked it hard and deep was driving me nuts with a wild animal lust, that I could not control.

I quickly began to ram it all the way into her and then slowly pull it almost all the way out of her and then slam it, all the way back into her again. Causing her to gasp, and lift her hips up, to meet my every down ward thrush.

The next thing I knew Rita was digging her fingertips into my shoulder blades, jerking and bucking wildly under me, while she sucked on my neck, unknowing giving me a love bit; that was driving me insane with lust.

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