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the unexpected catch – Season 2 Episode 2

Episode two

The feel of her soft warm body pressed tightly against mine, was starting to drive me crazy, with desire. I could not help myself; I took my hand off her tit, placed it on her thigh, and slid it under the hem of her skirt up over her hip.

Then I got brave and moved my hand over the soft warm spongy cheek of her shapely butt, as I pulled her against me, the short skirt of her little black dress rode up to her waist. I held her against me, by the warm cheek of her butt and began pumping my hips harder against her.

Rita unconsciously slid her leg over my hip and began passionately pushing herself back against me.

We continued to kiss, and ramming our hips together with my bulging erection pressing against her panty-covered mount of Venus. She forced her tongue back into my mouth, and pulled me over on top of her.

The sweet scent of perfume and the feel of her soft warm body under me was intoxicating me, and driving me crazy with desire and lust. Rita wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me, and whispered softly between our lips, “Honey. I want you to,”

“Oh God Rita, tell me what you want,” I begged.

She paused for a moment, as if trying to find the right words. Then she sucked in her breath and said sweetly,” I want you to make love to me”

Her words were like music to my horny ears. However, because of her screwed up emotional state of mind, I forced myself to get off her. “Rita, are you sure you want to do this?” I asked,

“Yes” she replied loudly without hesitation, “and went on to say,” Honey; I have wanted you to do it, to me, for as long, as I can remember. When I’m, you know…When I’m playing with myself, I’m pretending it’s you doing it to me.”

Holy Shit, I almost came in my pants, when she said that!

Then she got a hurt look in her eyes as she asked, “Don’t you want to do it to me? I always though you wanted to do it, to me.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I’ve wanted her for so long, that it just didn’t seem real.

I did not want to screw up her head and ruin it. So naturally, I answered her stupidly, and said, “Oh God Yes Rita, I’ve wanted you forever. But are you sure, you really want this, Honey?”

Yes.” she responded, “Yes Meat, I really; want you to, do it to me. Now stop acting like a jerk, and let’s do it.”

My heart was pounding as I took her hand, pulled her up off the bed and onto her feet. I wrapped my arms around her waist, slid my hands down over her shapely buns, and pulled her against me.

As our lips touched, I slid my tongue into her warm moist mouth. She put her arms around my neck, as the tips of our tongues touched, we flicked the ends of them against each other’s.

When she felt my hands on her soft, yet firm rubbery ass cheeks, she shuddered and jerked her hips forward jamming her self, against aroused manhood.

As I slid my hands down to hem of her dress, Rita pulled her mouth off mine, lifted her arms up, so I could pull her dress up, over her head. Then I dropped it on the floor.

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