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the unexpected catch – Season 1 Episode 8 [Completed]

Episode eight

I gently caressed her cheek with my fingers tips, while I tenderly kissed her forehead, eyelids. When I kissed the tip of her nose, she giggled. As I kissed her cheeks, I could taste her salty tears.

Rita was breathing hard trying to catch her breath, as she whispered innocently, “Meat I want you to really kiss me.” She turned her head towards me, closed her red blood shot eyes, and opened her mouth a little, waiting for me to kiss her.

I closed my eyes, parted my lips and brushed them lightly a-crossed hers.

When our lips touched, I felt a little shiver go through her body. Our lips joined together tenderly at first, then the tip of her tongue darted between my lips, into my mouth as her arms tightened, around my neck

Then she pulled her lips away from mine, put her head against my chest, and sobbed, “Oh Meat, I’m so scared of him.” I dropped my hand from her cheek and let it fall down on her lap.

I kissed on the forehead again and whispered to her, as reassuringly as I could,” You do not need to be afraid of him anymore. I’ll talk to Ronny, and I’ll make sure, that he stays far, far away from you.”

Then she looked into my eyes and kissed me on the cheek. Then our lips met again, as I lightly ran my fingertips over the side of her face, brushing them over her ear.

Rita shuttered and sucked in her breath and sighed,” Ahhh Honey, please do not do that? It makes me shiver,” when she felt my fingers tips caressing her ear.

As our kiss intensified, our hungry mouths, locked together feverishly. When the tips of our tongues touched, I got an intense erotic thrill that traveled right down to the tip of my pulsing penis.

I instinctively ran my hand up her ribcage to the side of her breast, and then I moved my hand over boob and squeezed it.

Rita let out a little sigh of desire, when she felt me massaging her bust.

She suddenly pulled her mouth off mine, slid off my lap, laid down on her side, next to me on the bed. She gazed up at me, with an unmistakable sexual longing in big brown blood shot eyes and sighed passionately,” Honey please, I want you to…I need you too.”

I turned on my hip, rolled over on my side, and laid down next to her.

Rita’s face was flushed and she had this dreamy lustful look, in her haft-closed eyes, and she was breathing heavily through partially opened mouth. I turned my head slightly, parted my lips to match hers, closed my eyes, and tenderly covered her sweet soft lips with mine.

When our lips touched, I felt her body began to tremble. Then Rita darted her tongue into my mouth.

As tips of our tongues touched and began playing. I started getting little erotic chills that ran wildly throughout my body causing even move blood, to surge into my already stiff pulsing erection.

We continued to kiss deeply, passionately, with our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. I could not help myself and cupped her soft full tit again, causing her to shudder in erotic pleasure.

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