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the unexpected catch – Season 1 Episode 7

Episode seven

I kissed her on the forehead as I said with angry tremble in my voice, “don’t worry about it Rita, I’ll take care of that prick. Give me his phone number.”

She had a worried expression on her face as she said.” Please Honey, don’t do anything stupid. He might hurt you and I don’t want you to get into trouble, because of me.”

I repeated sternly, “Just give me his phone number, I’m a big boy, and I can take care of myself.”

She reluctantly gave me his phone number. Then she looked in the mirror over her bureau, when she seen herself, she sighed,” Oh My God Honey, look at me, I’m a mess!”

I couldn’t help myself and giggled when I looked at her! She looked like a raccoon, with her eye makeup smeared all around her big red blood shot eyes.

Rita, said,” Meat don’t laugh at me; I’m going to wash my face.”

While Rita was in the bathroom, I called my friend and her cousin Ethan, and gave him, Ronny’s phone number. I told Ethan to find out everything he could about Ronny.

It is amazing what a computer genius like Ethan, can find about a person, from just a simple phone number!

When Rita finally came out of the bathroom, she sat down across my lap and put her head on my shoulder. Then she sucked in her breath she said, “Please Meat, don’t do anything that will get you into trouble. I’m not worth it; I’m just a dirty fucking whore.”

Seeing her hurting like this was killing me. However, hearing her repeatedly calling herself a whore and down grading herself was starting to get me mad. I said, “Stop it Rita, you’re not a whore! What happened to you was not your fault! That bastard, drugged you, and took advantage of you. You were powerless to stop him.”

Then I put my arms around her and rocked her like a baby. She wrapped her arms around my neck, laid her head on my shoulder and sniffled.

I kissed her on the cheek, as I whispered to her, “its okay, Honey. I will take care of that prick! Everything is going to be all right. ”

I could smell her sweet perfume, as I began massaging her neck and shoulders with one hand while I rubbed the fingertips of my other hand up and down her spine.

Rita sucked in breath and she rubbed her watery eyes on the sleeve of my tee shirt. Then she looked at me with her big red blood shot eyes and said, “Meat please believe me, I’m not a whore!”

I answered her, abruptly and said firmly, “Stop it Rita, enough is enough. I know you’re not a whore.”

She looked stunned for a second then she sniffled as said meekly,” Okay.”

I didn’t know what was wrong with me, there was just, something about this girl, this young woman, that was making me feel strange inside, I wanted to make her feel safe and secure. However, most of all; I just wanted to make her happy!

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