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the unexpected catch – Season 1 Episode 4

Episode four

I helped her clear off the table and the stove. Rita went into the pantry to wash the dishes. I picked up the dish towel, off the oven door and followed her into the tiny pantry.

I couldn’t help brushing against her. As I moved around behind her my still semi erect penis brushed across her ass. The warmth and softness of her shapely butt against my manhood made it twitch, and my breath got catch in my throat

Rita jumped with a start, as she felt my cock rubbing across her butt. I just looked at her with a sheepish grin on my face and a chuckle in my voice as I coyly said,” it’s kind of cozy in here.” Then I started drying the dishes.

Rita had a surprised look on her face, as she seen me drying the dishes and said, “Meat you’re really are a special guy, thank you.”

As she washed the dishes, the front of her little black dress got soaked. Now I could clearly see her large bumpy areolas and her stiff swollen nipples, through the thin fabric of her wet dress.

I couldn’t help myself; I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. Rita caught me staring at them and said angrily,” go ahead, I know, that’s all you want.”

She was also looking right down at the front of my pants. I had a wicked boner that was making the front of my jeans; stand out like a huge circus tent.

“Huh what, did you say Rita?” I asked,

Rita was trembling with rage as she said loudly, “go ahead feel them, that’s all you want from me, is to get in my pants. You think I’m a whore! Don’t you? That’s all you men want from me is too…” Then she paused for a moment, sucked in her breath and sniffled as said angrily,” That’s all you men want to do is, Fuck Me!” Then she took my hands and placed over her tits.

Christ only knows that I wanted to have her softball size boobs in my hands, for so long.

I just couldn’t help myself. I instinctively squeezed her soft squishy natural tits and rubbed my thumbs back and forth across her nipples.

Rita’s sensitive nipples responded instantly and got hard; causing her to gasp for breath, wrap her arms around my neck as she instinctively thrust her hips forward against mine.

I put my arms around her, kissed the top of her head, as I ran my hands down over her rubbery shapely ass cheeks and pulled her hips forward until they were tightly pressed against my mine. We began humping against each other like a couple of horny teenagers in a dark corner.

Rita buried her face against my chest and burst into tears. Than she suddenly pulled away from me and ran into her bedroom, wailing through her tears,” I’m nothing but a fucking whore! Meat all I ever think about is what it would be like to have you… do it, to me!”

I was dumb founded. I stood there for a moment wondering; now what the hell, did I do? I was going to leave; but instead, I turned around and like the big asshole that I am, when I’m around her, and hurried into the bedroom after her.

She was laying face down on her bed with arms wrapped around a pillow whimpering, I could see her beautiful body convulsing as she sobbed. She had one leg pulled up to the pillow that she was clutching and clinging to. Her other legs was out straight.

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