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The S*Xual Awaking A Young Boy – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 4]



Episode 1 Billy Jones was 12 years old last week. He lived with his Mother, Trisha (29 years old) and Father, Freddie (32 years old) in a 2 bed semi on a modern estate in Shropshire. At 5 foot tall Billy was about average in his class. He had a slim athletic build, light brown hair, perfect white teeth and a pale complexion. He was a poplar lad at school having both girl and boy friends. His Father travels frequently, he works for a small consultancy advising on safety issues. He has a similar build to his son and keeps fit by jogging.
His Mother works at a local company 3 mornings a week doing their book keeping. Trisha gets quite lonely when her husband is away, she enjoys his company and more importantly she enjoys sex with him. They have fantasies that they talk through when they are having sex and one of her favourites is introducing boys to sex. They both discuss and play on their own young sexual adventures and remember the absolute pleasure they got from learning about sex. They had never engaged in regular sex sessions with their son, although on one occasion there was an incredible event that meant that Freddy and Trisha had the best sex they had ever had in their lives together. It all started very quickly. Their house although small had a wet room with 2 shower head instead of a bath which meant that occasionally Billy and his Dad would shower together. This particular occasion happened three months earlier when Billy was still 11 years old. Freddy and Trisha had been discussing the night before that Billy was really sweating a lot these days and that he really ought to know about cleaning his penis correctly, especially under the foreskin. So they agreed that Freddy should show him the next time they showered together and this just happened to be the following night. Freddy is 6 foot 3 inches and so just over a foot taller than Billy. His penis is 4 inches long when soft with a generous foreskin being over half an inch over the end of the glans.
When erect Trisha loved his penis, it didn’t actually grow that much longer going to 5 and a half inches and the foreskin just peeled back a little from the glans showing about a ¼ inch of his fat knob. Whilst it didn’t get much longer it did get considerably fatter having a circumference of 5 ¾ inches. Trisha often wondered what her son’s c–k would look like erect and if it had the same attributes as her husbands. Tonight she would be able to see for herself. Billy’s c–k at 11 years old was just starting to pad out, growing from being a little boy c–k to the size that indicated that he was just pre-pubescent. He was totally hairless of course and when slack his little p—k was 2 inches long 2 ¼ inches in circumference, about the size of her husbands little finger. He was uncircumcised and his foreskin hung off the end of his c–k about ½ an inch which seemed like a lot more than Freddy’s because it was on a smaller p—k..

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