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The Sole Heiress – Season 2 [Episode 1 – 12]

The Sole Heiress

The Sole Heiress

πŸ”± The Sole Heiress πŸ”±
( Her Hidden Identify 😯)

Chapter 17
By: Evelyn Mba 🀩


πŸ’– Bruce’s Pov πŸ’–
Seriously Mom, she isn’t Natasha and my investigator said Natasha is alive.
But he doesn’t have her location yet. I said and she gasp.

OMG, Nat is alive. Carie yelled.
Wow… It has been years now.

How did you do it? Mom asked.
I promised someone, I’ll clear my name and am gonna do it. I said .
And that person is Mich, I guess? Carie said giggling.

I like that girl, Mich. She’s one of a kind. Mom said.
Mom, am busy see you guys later. I said and got up.

πŸ˜‘ Unknown’s Pov πŸ˜‘
Hello, yes sir.
I know where to find the girl, she’s currently in a small town called Salanda.

But Sir, I heard you’re in Salanda too, maybe you can finish her off. I said to the phone.
Who is she? He asked.

She’s called Michelle Gordon
What?? He yelled.

Sir, she’s the one. She’s Natasha Almeda.
That little brat, am gonna get rid of her like I did to her mother years ago. He said again.

Get me more information. He yelled and hanged up.

πŸ‘Ώ Mr Turner’s Pov 😈
What the fuck??
I’ve tried my possible best to make sure the truth remains hidden.

Years ago, I loved Emily but she got married to Adrain and I killed her and framed Bruce.
And now Natasha is alive, am gonna have to kill her too.

Bruce doesn’t even know that the girl he’s with is no other person than Natasha.
Time to get rid of that family completely. I said and clenched my fist.

😯 Michelle’s Pov 😯
Mom, Dad. I said and hugged them both.
I miss you hun. Dad said hugging me tightly.

We have so much to tell you sweety. Mom said crying.

We arrived at the mansion and we all stepped down.
Wait, isn’t this the Wells mansion? Mom asked and Dad nodded.

You know Bruce’s mother? I asked
Yes sweety, back then when we lived here in Salanda. Bruce’s mother was your mother’s best friend. Mom said and I gasped.

My.. mother’s best friend? I asked and they both nodded.

Sam? Lana? OMG, you’re alive. Bruce’s mother yelled and hugged them both.
Huh!! What’s going on.

Few minutes later, Bruce came down from his sturdy and scanned the whole room.
Aunt Lana. He said.
Bruce, how are you? Mom asked hugging him.

Uhmm. We’re here to tell Mich the truth we’ve hidden for years now. She said.
She turned to me and held my hands.
Mich, we’re not your parents. Your mother died years ago. She said and I felt my whole body shatter.

You’re Natasha Almeda!!

T. B. C

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