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The Sole Heiress – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 16]

The Sole Heiress

The Sole Heiress

πŸ”± The Sole Heiress πŸ”±
( Her Hidden Identify 😯)

Chapter 1
By: Evelyn Mba 🀩

( The Party…)

Michelle’s Pov
No…..mummy, where are you, No….come back please. Ahhaaa….. I yelled.

Hunny, are you okay. Mom and Dad ran into my room looking worried..
I had that dream again, I was in a big house someone came in and shot mummy but I couldn’t recognize mummy’s face, It looks different.

And then I ran and ran to a beach house, a huge one it had a a lantern on top of it.
Mom, it was so scary and I thought it was real.

No hun, It wasn’t. Mom said stroking my hair..
It’s just a Nightmare..

Go to sleep, okay

At Morning
Wake up sleepy head. Mom said dragging my blanket.
Mom, am sleepy. I muttered.

Seriously, I thought you said you’re working on a big project..
Yeah, yeah. So get up and go take your bath. Mom yelled..

Okay… Okay, am up. I said and ran into the the bathroom.

Before I forget, am Michelle Gordon. Am 21 years old. I have Sweet parents. They are loving, caring and kind. Am working hard to make life better for them. We are not rich, but we love ourselves. I think that’s all for now..

Mom, am done. I said running out.
Okay, your dad just brought in your armoured bike🀣

Seriously, Dad I love you..
I love you too Princess. He yelled from his room..
Okay, how do I look. I asked with my hands akimbo.

You look Fabulous dear, hurry now. You don’t wanna be late.
Okay, I love you Mom..
I love you Dad..

Am sorry am late, so what’s the big thing you were talking about Allison.
Babe, we’re going to the party. Allison yelled..

What Party? I asked.
Seriously, you forgot? Clarice asked..
I forgot what?

The Blue Red Party. Clarice said.

Oh my God, not again.
Guys, let’s go now. The party is about to get started…

Woah… and forget your Problems. Allison squealed..

Keep it down girl. I whispered..
You what babe, you should dance. She said and dragged me to the stage..

Stop it Allison, you’re drunk. I said trying hard not to laugh..

I was about moving when someone pushed me out of the way….

T. B. C

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