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The Sinners – Season 5 Episode 5

Episode 5



“You can fear sef! Jew man!!” His cousin just sniffed and continued looking out the window.


“You still have that your cab guy’s number?”


“Yes I do.” Chuma replied going to collect his phone, he gave Chijioke the number and returned to his post at the window.


An hour later the cab arrived just in front of the self-contain apartment, Chuma helped his cousin to the door, sorry to have turned him out but knowing it was best for both of them, as it was only a matter of time before the police commenced door to door search.


“Nna be careful.” He said his voice laden with emotion as he hugged him.


“E don do na, leave me before the taxi waka leave me.” Chijioke joked as he opened the door and walked into the bright light of the afternoon.






Her phone was suddenly working again, it had been beeping all morning, her voicemail was filled, she had almost a thousand messages across various messaging applications, she caught the eyes of the driver looking at her funny and read the question in his eyes. She put her phone on vibrate and placed it aside till it finally stopped vibrating. She picked it up again, the first message was from her friend Claire;


“Babe how far, I know say you dey flex, that boy go use enjoyment kill you.” as generic as always.


Isabella had sent her an astounding hundred messages, what the hell? She thought. She would have a talk with her when she got home, she was no longer a kid and needed to learn to respect her space, this was no longer cute. “Where are you, you cannot call again abi? I am worried jor, call when you get this oh!”


“Daddy was taking to the hospital today! I do not know what is going on but somehow I know it is connected with you!”


Her father had been hospitalized, what happened?! She dialed her kid sister’s number. She picked on the first ring. The squeal at the other end made her pull the phone from her ear. When she returned it, her sister was asking a barrage of questions. Like where she was, how she was doing, what she was doing, she was coming home. She let her finish before she spoke.


“Bella where is daddy?”


She heard the sigh and the drop of emotion in her sister’s countenance. “Mommy says his condition has not changed.”


“Where is mommy?”


“I don’t know I have not seen her once all morning, it is chaos here; it has been ever since your kidnap.”


That took her aback, did she say kidnap?! “Hold up! Who was kidnapped?!”


“You.” The phone almost fell out of her hand. “Who says I was kidnapped?! I have been in Cross River with friends, like I told daddy.”


“Lawrence abi? Wasn’t he kidnapped with you?!”


“No! no one was kidnapped!” She snapped.


“That is what Uncle Emeka said but I wanted to find out for myself.”


“Why all the kidnap question?”


“Just hurry home and find out for yourself.”


When the cab pulled up to the gate, true to her kid sister’s words the house was swarming with policemen, one of the two posted at the gate walked up to them.


“Wetin una dey find here?” He said in a gruff voice.


“I live here.” Rebecca stated tersely, she had little patience for policemen.


“How we wan take know say you dey live here? Driver reserve, go park for the other side.” When the driver seemed to hesitate, he cocked his rifle. “Oga I go bust this your tire! Come on move this your kpalasa comot for here!” He barked; his face a mask of anger.


“Isabella I am at the gate, these policemen would not let me in.” She said eyeing the men with disgust.

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