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The Sinners – Season 2 Episode 6 [Completed]

Episode 6


When the cable car journey ended, Hans and Hannah asked them to join them for dinner, which they readily accepted.


Dinner was filled with laughter and beautiful conversation about the past and future, Hannah was full of questions about the young couple’s relationship which Hans kept apologizing for, but in truth they did not mind answering. She offered relationship tips to then and told them not to give up, no matter how difficult it got, citing her relationship with Hans.


The highlight of the evening had been when she asked them about sex and her poor husband almost choked on his wine.


“Hannah! That is enough, you have put the kids through enough as it is.” He reprimanded her softly. The older woman gave a throaty laugh and soon enough her husband joined her, before long the table was abuzz with laughter.


Rebecca was telling them about her plans after she graduated when his phone rang; he excused himself and moved away from the table, after a brief moment, he returned.


“I am sorry, but we have to call it a night.” Lawrence announced suddenly.


“Aw, so soon?” The older woman exclaimed, “I was hoping you would stay a little longer, it has been fun having another company other than this old man.”


“Well this old man is off to bed.” Hans said getting up, he extended a hand to both Lawrence, which they took, one after the other, “It has been a pleasure, I hope someday you can visit Germany, look us up.” He thrust a card into Larry’s hand.


“Uh, that would be lovely ja?” Hannah added with glee.


“Thank you for a lovely evening Mr. and Mrs. Fischer”


“It’s a pleasure. Good night.”


“Why did we have to leave so early?!” Rebecca asked when they were out of earshot.


“Ice Man is here.” Hopefully, with her new phone and SIM card, she thought. Her parents would be worried sick; Isabella would probably be pulling her hair out now. She picked up pace eager to reach Isaac, sooner rather than later.


“Where is he?”


“At the lobby.”






While he waited in the cool lobby of the hotel, his phone vibrated in his pocket, he went outside to answer it, this was one conversation, no one else should be privy to.




“Hello, Coach.” It was Evans on the line.


“How far, so wetin be the latest?”


“Omo the man dey hospital oh and them say he go dey bed rest for a few days and that go scatter our plans oh!”


“Nothing changes, we go on as planned, tomorrow I will call and demand for the ransom, you and the guys be prepared to move at anytime. I will call with the location of the drop when I have it.”


“Coach!!” he hailed and hung up.

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